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The following wiki guidelines should be followed when writing wiki pages.

Minimize the use of slang unless necessary. Use "men" and "women". Avoid the use of "girls", "manlets", "guys", "Chads", "femoids" or "roasties" when referring to people. Minimize the use of anything with "-cel" as a suffix like "gymcel" unless necessary. The reason for this rule is that it would allow more people to understand the text. It also allows text to be shared and reposted in other websites without making any changes.

All text should be formal. Avoid the use of contractions such as "don't".

Keep alert of articles about the same topic. Keep aware of synonyms. If there is already an article titled "truecel", do not make another article titled "permavirgin" or "uglycel". If there is an article about "dualistic mating strategy", do not make another article about "alpha fux, beta fux".

List the synonyms of the article title in every article.

All facts should be cited. All generalizations about women should be proven by giving actual examples.