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Romantic attractiveness is the degree to which a person is considered suitable in fulfilling romantic desires such as kissing, holding hands and cuddling. Sexual attraction is a requirement for romantic attraction.

When she was 18 she started to go out clubbing with her friends. There she met one of those attractive PUAs. A natural dark triad loser. He was 35 years old and lived with his mother where he made money by selling drugs. This poor poor guy just couldn't get a real job you see. Because he already had three kids from three different women and if he got a regular job they could get child support from him.

But don't worry guys. Jennifer told me all about how he had a picture of each of these kids in his wallet. Thus proving that he "loved" them and was a "really good dad". She said she fell in love with him. And she became his "girlfriend". Only he was still going out clubbing and picking up other girls constantly. She started crying and told me about the threesomes she had with him. In her very bed. A bed I had fallen asleep in many times, with her right next to me. But she "loved" him, she sobbed.

Her father started freaking out because he had raised a slut with his feminist wife. He demanded she stop seeing him. In response she threatened to run away with him. So as a laughable compromise, and because this Winner (tm) was getting kicked out of his mom's house (she had found out he was selling drugs) he moved in with her. He actually had lived with her in that very bed.

Only he just wasn't committing enough. She wanted him to stop going to the club and picking up other girls. And she sobbed, she "didn't like" having threesomes with him.

LOL this girl refused to even give me a blowjob. Sex was awful with her. It was like masturbating with her body. He was getting threesomes and she would do anything for him. For me? LOL. I got the magical offer of paying for everything.

So Jennifer made a decision. She would deliberately get pregnant with this guy. I mean sure he already had three kids from three different women. And he didn't take care of any of them or even pay child support. But he "loved" them, as evidenced by having little pictures of each of them in his wallet. So she deliberately got pregnant.

And she told him.

And he left.

She went on for hours. Sobbing. Telling me about how alone she felt. How terrified and how she became suicidal and how worried she is that she harmed her daughter during her pregnancy by not taking care of herself at all. She told me about lying to her parents and hiding the pregnancy from them until she was 8 months in. "Poor me!", she cried, "poor Jennifer nothing is ever my fault. I'm just a girl!"

Her parents tried to get her to give Autumn up for adoption but she found strength, she said, through feminism. Autumn didn't need to have a dad! Don't you see? The feminists told her that her daughter could be raised perfectly fine by a single mom. And she told me that if Autumn was going to have her last name changed it would be to her real fathers last name. But she was worried about doing that because she didn't want him coming back and bothering her for custody. Which is why she also lied on the birth certificate and never went for child support. She knew he wouldn't pay anyway.

But... but she told me she "loved" me. Right? And she was graciously going to allow me to pay for everything, pay to raise this other man's child, offer me no respect, and give me once a week duty "sex". Which is not sex at all but simply she would allow me to masturbate with her body.


The next time I saw Jennifer in person, because I cancelled our date on my birthday, was at her house. She showed me pictures of this "alpha" PUA player. She had kept all the pictures she had of him and hidden them in her top dresser drawer under her panties. They were there the whole time. I looked at these pictures and remember thinking, 'I'm so much better looking then this guy...'

I asked her what did you like about him? Steve. His name was Steve. The look in her eyes when she was looking at those pictures, right in front of me, two years in to our pathetic relationship... She looked at pictures of him with more passion then she had ever looked at me. She told me, "I dunno what was so amazing about him. He just had style."