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People think that there are two different types of sexual relationships: non-romantic (friend) based and romantic (fake love) based. But there is still a further division between them. Those relationships with lots of touching which increases sexual tension (but not romantic) and with lots of touching which increases sexual tension (that is intended to be romantic).

Romantic love is a recent human invention.

The concept of having a woman "fulfill" or complete a man's life is a new and deadly concept introduced by Anglo-Saxon and Romance European Civilization. The defeat of masculine cultures during (Teutonic, Tsarist Russia and Imperial Japanese) WWI and WWII, set in stone the "woman as co-equal and completer of a man's life." Romantic love does not exist, masculine cultures know the real concept of love is the platonic masculine concept of camaraderie through hardship, particularly the battlefield. To truly prevent women from ruling your life, you must first start with the precepts that 1.) Romantic Love is a fallacy (all of it, flowers, cards, valentines day, holding hands) 2.) Women don't love men (her romance with you is not with you but with the idea of romance) 3.) There will always be young attractive pussy (however you'll never get the time back to make yourself and career). Every second spent pursuing a bitch or maintaining a "relationship" is a second not spent towards your earning potential and career. And besides to a woman, you're just a career anyway. To a woman, she marries your earning value and potential, you as a human being do not exist. The human side of this is only available to your long term male friends especially comrades for those who've served. Your white picket fence fantasy is nothing more than a mirage manufactured by the state, it's a delusion of romance which itself is a temporary insanity of the human condition. Those without the disease, are all the more better.
Yep .. a woman only loves what you can do for her and how you make her feel. Use it to your advantage, but get rid of any illusions about it all.[1]
Some men who are relatively good looking are choosing more and more everyday to be the beta bucks. Simply having a rotation of women in your twenties whilst building your career (what I'm doing btw), and then having a LTR with a woman 10-15 years younger than you when you're 35 is not an option most clingy western men what to choose these days. Most western men, would rather be bogged down in a useless dead-end career for the benefit of supporting and maintaining a relationship with the "love of his life," instead of actually living out to his full potential. The irony is that their "loves" are always looking for better options, and the moment Mr. Love fails, she's out the door with option number 2.
Pretty much all guys I know fit into one of these categories. This is how much we've submitted ourselves to women. And all of these categories have a single underlying cause: the belief that you need women to obtain happiness and peace.[2]

According to terror management theory, romantic love is a coping mechanism for our fear of death.

Three studies examined the terror management function of romantic commitment. In Study 1 (N = 94), making mortality salient led to higher reports of romantic commitment on the Dimensions of Commitment Inventory (J. M. Adams & W. H. Jones, 1997) than control conditions. In Study 2 (N = 60), the contextual salience of thoughts about romantic commitment reduced the effects of mortality salience on judgments of social transgressions. In Study 3 (N = 100), the induction of thoughts about problems in romantic relationships led to higher accessibility of death-related thoughts than did the induction of thoughts about either academic problems or a neutral theme. The findings expand terror management theory, emphasizing the anxiety-buffering function of close relationships.[1]
Originally, terror management theory proposed two psychological mechanisms in dealing with the terror of death awareness-cultural worldview validation and self-esteem enhancement. In this article, we would like to promote the idea of close relationships as an additional death-anxiety buffering mechanism and review a growing body of empirical data that support this contention. Based on a comprehensive analysis of the sociocultural and personal functions of close relationships, we formulate two basic hypotheses that have received empirical support in a series of experimental studies. First, death reminders heighten the motivation to form and maintain close relationships. Second, the maintenance of close relationships provides a symbolic shield against the terror of death, whereas the breaking of close relationships results in an upsurge of death awareness. In addition, we present empirical evidence supporting the possibility that close relationships function as a related yet separate mechanism from the self-esteem and cultural worldview defenses.[2]

Relationships without romance

My husband and I have never done romance. I don't have candle light dinners or celebrate valentine's day or whatever else romantic people do. It's just not me. We do have sex though, but I wouldn't call that romantic either.


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