Race and masculinity

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Facial masculinity

Asians have broader faces and rounder heads, which are hypothesized to be adaptations to cold.

Blacks have thicker lips, but this is due to a tough diet requiring large lips.

Thick lips aren't actually a dimorphic trait. Females don't have thicker lips than males.[1] They smaller skulls which makes their lips appear thicker.


The Dutch were once renowned as the shortest people but when they were introduced to dairy, they had grown much taller. Cars and buildings had to be redesigned to accompany this increased height. Today, the average Dutch male is 6 feet, one of the tallest in the world. Weston A. Price observed the Maasai and they are really tall, up to 7 foot 6 inches. Their diet is really high in dairy.

The average height of Asians is increasing. In 2010, the average 21-year old Beijing male is 5 ft 9 in or 174.7 cm. The average 20-21 year old South Korean male is 5 ft 8.5 in or 173.74 cm. This is only one or two inches shorter than the average 21-39 year old White American, which is 5 ft 10.5 in (178.9 cm). This change in height, as with the Dutch, is primarily due to better nutrition and living standards.

Similarly, the Plains Indians were once the tallest peoples in the world. They were even taller than Europeans. Yet their height advantage declined as soon as European countries got better nutrition.

Frame and musculature

The reason these Australian Aboriginals could be partially attributed to their Denisovan admixture.[2]

Body hair

Africans generally have less body hair than Caucasoids. The Bushmen have very little body hair. They have facial hair, but they trim it.

The relative lack of body hair of Mongoloids compared to Caucasoids isn't the result of androgen levels.[3]

Similarly, the Plains Indians were once the tallest peoples in the world. They are also robust, yet lacking in body hair.

Testosterone levels

The levels of testosterone levels between the races are not consistent with the "race realist" belief with Mongoloids having least and blacks having the most. If one searches Google Scholar for papers on racial differences in testosterone, one would not find any consistent relationship. This irrelevancy to testosterone becomes apparent once one realizes that height is primarily a dietary factor and that body hair isn't correlated with androgen levels.


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