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Prostitution is the exchange of money for sex. Many aspects of inceldom would be solved if prostitution were legalized.

Effects of prostitution

  • Men would be less easily manipulated by sex. If men could simply pay for sex instead of having to win a girl's affection, then the average woman would have much less sexual control over the average man.
  • The value of sex would go down. Men are less severely incel in societies where prostitutes are legal, so prostitutes charge less. Low quality escorts cost hundreds of dollars in countries like the US where prostitution is illegal. This is outrageous price for something that costs the woman nothing and requires no skill. In countries where Germany where prostitution is legal, prices are much lower. "Bulgarian and Romanian women sometimes charge less than €10 [$13]," she says. "One woman here will even do it for a Big Mac."[1] See also Pussy cartel.