Pandora's Box: The Men's Sexual Revolution/Chapter 5

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Let's take a peek into a society where mutual desire in human pair-bonds IS the norm, not the exception, and how it contributes to a healthier society. Rather than ramble on in a dry tone, let's make this more entertaining. I want to really drive the point home, and you cannot do that by boring the reader. Let's put on our nerd hats and enjoy a short story, set 100 years into the future:

“Our History professor is such a dick”, Matt mumbled as he slammed his car keys on the kitchen counter. Plopping himself onto the couch, he exclaimed “A fucking “E”?!” “It's not his fault you flunked the last exam, Matt” Alyssa shot back, adding, “You need to get an “A” on this test to bring your grade up to a “C”. If you spent as much time doing your homework as you did playing your guitar, you'd have a fully paid scholarship at Harvard.”

“OK...” Alyssa started as she sat down and opened the book to the appropriate page. “What DO you know about the Men's Revolution?”

“Some guy wrote a book before the Second Great Depression and it made accurate predictions, which made people start to take his ideas more seriously once the things he predicted started happening.”

“Go on...”

“It exposed the Big Lie. Aesthetic handicaps were taken seriously, and women quit bein' ho's” Matt quipped, laughing as he pulled a half-used joint out of his shirt pocket, lighting it. “Women weren't in an easy situation in those days. It was either settle for someone that didn't really do much for us, or stay alone” Alyssa replied, with a sharp edge to her voice. “...and don't be smoking that shit. You need to stay sharp.”

“Yes, Your Fuckin' Majesty”, Matt teased, grabbing his crotch and gyrating as he put out the roach. “Since you're in a pervy mood, Matt, I'll ask you this question: What would your life have been like if you never had your jaw and cheeks treated and there was no way you could realistically afford it? You remember how tough you and so many other guys had it before they turned 21 and got their defects treated.” “It would have been hell”, admitted Matt. “Imagine going through your whole life like it was before your treatment”, Alyssa said. “Imagine being 25 and still having no relationship experience – at all, of any kind –, with a woman, other than platonic friendship. Not even a first kiss. That was the NORM for guys back in the 2050's when polygamous marriage was legal.

Also, people were often MEAN to others, simply because they were aesthetically disabled. Even moderate deviations from today's Official Standard severely limited your chances of ever having a real relationship with a woman, AND you were sometimes even discriminated against on the job, or in other areas. They didn't have a proper understanding of the condition like people do today, and it wasn't commonly treatable back then, either. Only the wealthy and well-to-do were able to afford it. Also, testosterone enhancement treatments were illegal. Many men don't have the natural ability to look appealing with just exercise and healthy habits. Back then, those guys all stayed fat, sickly and gross their whole lives. It wasn't like today, where when you turn 25, you can go to your doctor and qualify for a cycle or two if your stats fall below a certain point.”

“No wonder people were so fucked up in those days”, Matt said, realizing the implications. “Traditionally, human pair bonding wasn't romanticized, but then in the 20th century, people grew up with the notion that romantic love was a realistic expectation for everyone, but it really wasn't. That's why people were so confused about relationships. The truth was out there, but nobody wanted to believe it. If I'd have been born back then, I probably would have been a confused mess.”

“You could have stayed single and celibate for years at a time, because the facial handicaps you were born with never would have been corrected.”, said Alyssa, “and the culture at the time was very 'hushed' about certain things. They would have told you the Big Lie, and you would have believed it. If you were 'lucky', you would have been married to a women who didn't really love you and just didn't want to be alone for the rest of her life,”

“Let's back up a second, Alyssa. What WAS the Big Lie, anyway?” “The Big Lie was the collective false idea that aesthetically handicapped people could be sexually attractive by adequately compensating with other things. As the expectation of romantic love for everyone, and the willful denial of the impact of aesthetic disability on a person's quality of life, were both so heavily ingrained in 20th and early 21st century society, people were resistant to connect the dots and fit the pieces together. This false idea was further promoted by charlatans selling “love advice” at the time, and people still clinging to the Old Paradigm also had a vested interest in preserving it. The Big Lie also benefited many corporate interests, and the media really did its best to promote those false ideas.

It's rather ironic, actually. Those big corporations studied very carefully what kind of appearance was most attractive to the widest audience, and then sold an exaggerated image of that ideal onto the public to sell their products. Yet, they were among the most opposed to the ideas of the Men's Revolution, because they profited the most if an ideal was unattainable to the masses. They were the group that fought the hardest against the Enhancement Act – not the feminists. In fact, many leading feminists in the 2050's actually supported the Men's Sexual Revolution once they got past the shocking, abrasive language of the author and understood his real intentions for what they were.”

“Seriously, Alyssa, you have a way of explaining things better than that lousy teacher. I really appreciate you helping me out”, said Matt. “He doesn't explain things that well, I'll grant you that, but you have the book. It wouldn't hurt to crack it open and read it more often” Alyssa chided, playfully punching Matt in the shoulder. “Ok...let's get this homework done...We're supposed to name 5 ways the Men's Revolution lead to an improved quality of life for society. The answers are to be 1 to 2 paragraphs each.”

“Hmm...” Matt grunted, before blurting out “Guys got laid more?”, with a big, toothy, shit-eating grin on his face. “I suppose that could be one answer, Matt, but it isn't one of the important ones. Here's one improvement: The institution of marriage was preserved. The divorce rates went from 74% nationwide, down to 5% within the first 7 years after the Enhancement Act was signed into law. The marriage rates more than tripled during that same time period, from 21% to 76% . It's been over 50 years since the Enhancement Act was passed, and the divorce rates have stayed between 5 to 10%. The Enhancement Act both legalized the use of testosterone as a male cosmetic enhancement and provided various ways for people to have access to much-needed surgical treatment they otherwise would never have been able to pay for.” “ I can try the next one....” Matt said, staring into space as he concentrated on an answer.

“Prostitution was hugely reduced since there was hardly any market left. After the Enhancement Act, the average trick no longer had to pay for play. They could just put up an ad online, get someone interested in fucking them for free within 24 hours, and saved the money they would have otherwise had to pay a hooker. The majority of the johns were married men, so after they got treated, their wives started putting out again, and the hookers lost those johns. As the market dried up, the hookers no longer had a stable option to support their drug habits. Seeing no other alternatives, large numbers of them sought treatment for their addictions and became productive members of society.

They couldn't keep using and prostituting to support that habit unless they were willing to do extreme shit for dirt cheap. Typically bareback butt fucking, rusty trombones and dirty sanchezes, for 25 bucks a trick, with guaranteed AIDS included. That was fucking rock bottom to most of those users, and it made most of them finally want to get treatment for their addictions.” “We'll put that down as our 2nd answer – but let's use more polished language, please!” Alyssa said, eyes wide with a “you-did-NOT-just-say-that!” look on her face. “Care to give the 3rd one a try?”

“The Men's Revolution indirectly led to greatly reduced health care costs. Without the Big Lie causing confusion and straining relationships, stress was drastically reduced. People started shunning the processed garbage the big corporations passed off as “food”, realizing that it was contributing to their obesity, and started switching to clean, unprocessed food. Backyard gardens became popular again, and demand for non-engineered seeds shot up. People largely stopped living sedentary lifestyles, and destructive habits like smoking dropped shortly afterward due to less stress” “Keep going, Matt. You're on a roll, here....”

“Productivity was increased as people were generally happier. Men felt more free to pursue their passions without being shamed into pursuing something more financially lucrative, yet less fulfilling, just to pay the hidden copulation price a women required in exchange for her insincere affections. Men were largely better at the jobs they had as they were more enthusiastic about their work. Those who had the lucrative careers were more likely to be truly passionate about their work, not just the money. There was a sudden boom of new small businesses everywhere, and most of the well-known companies we see today were started by one man who simply enjoyed what he did, without expecting huge earnings. The quality of their products came from sincere dedication to the quality of their work for it's own sake.

Many men stepped down from their high-earning positions and long hours that came with them, switching to careers that more closely matched their passions. With that passion came dedication to their work. This lead to the sudden explosion of innovations we take for granted today, like the development of now-ubiquitous quantum computers, functional nanotechnology, which was used to develop the cure for cancer, the discovery of the graviton, and the first manned landing on Venus, These developments were all largely funded privately, as the average man no longer felt pressured to use most of his earnings to pay the hidden bride price.

We've moved away from the meaningless pursuit of fancy homes we really couldn't afford, fancy cars, fancy jewelery and posh vacations, to using that energy in pursuit of advancement in things that are meaningful to US, to We The People, not corporate interests. There was an explosion in new artists, musicians, poets, novelists and others during the decades following the Enhancement Act. Many men turned their backs on the old system, which they felt pressured them into paying a grossly inflated copulation price in exchange for insincere affections.”

“Wow!” said Aylssa. “Did you actually study this chapter?”

“My grandpa always told me a lot about the earlier times when I was growing up. He had it pretty rough in his days.”


“Dating was really hard, and he basically had to either pick the low-hanging fruit or stay alone, just like most people did. My grandma was very demanding and grandpa felt like she could never be pleased. Supposedly she stopped fucking him after the first year they were married, always coming up with bullshit excuses. She filed for divorce a month after my dad went away to college. It was later found out she was fucking the personal trainer for years prior to the divorce.”

“What did your grandpa look like?” “Pretty much the same as I did before I got fixed up last year – same underdeveloped jaw and deadened cheekbones, only much older, and he started balding early.” “Well that pretty much explains it,” Alyssa said. “Your grandparent's marriage would have worked out differently if they hadn't been in a position where they only settled for each other.” “No shit,” Matt replied.

“We're on the 5th answer now. I'm gonna do this one.” Alyssa said. “Pay attention. Women also had a better quality of life after the Men's Revolution. They were finally able to have truly fulfilling, long-term relationships, with guys that not only were appealing in that instinctive way, but also truly appreciated them. The value of a physically attractive man was no longer grossly inflated due to rarity, so he was no longer so easily able to get away with treating a girl like garbage. The average woman no longer had to choose between settling for someone who wasn't that attractive or stay alone, as they now had a large pool of good options to choose from. They no longer had to live life wearing a social mask, conforming to a cultural lie. Everyone was finally able to just be themselves.

In the old days, courtship was a confusing, contradictory, and often painful ordeal, which left many people feeling very unhappy and unfulfilled. Now that the Big Lie is gone, and we were fortunate enough to provide a real solution, the rules of dating are simple, and there is no confusion as to where you stand with the other person. The online dating industry thrives nowadays, having become the standard way people meet. The leading dating sites boast that 90+% of its members either get married or find fuck buddies. People are willing to pay those ridiculously 500 dollars per month prices for membership because success is quick, and almost guaranteed for most men and women. Even a guy working at a grocery store at a low wage can save up the money, and within one month, find a long term relationship or fuck buddy. That would NEVER have happened in the early 21st century. Online dating is no longer so complicated. Most every member is physically attractive, so the emphasis is on real compatibility and common interests, not profile photos.

Sound familiar, Matt? When I saw your online dating ad, I was a bit miffed that you were 22, not in college, and stocking shelves at a grocery store, but the fact that we appeared to have so much in common really meant a lot to me. The fact that you were willing to pay that price to put an ad up on a site for people seeking real relationships, despite making minimum wage, showed me that really mattered to you, because anyone nowadays can just put up an ad for fee on other sites and get laid.

OK, moving forward....Female obesity and the medical dangers associated with it were largely eliminated as many women also adopted healthier lifestyles, motivated by a better dating pool and a much higher likelihood of finding a truly fulfilling relationship. Their stress levels as a group went down as they were no longer being cheated on all the time, played for sex so often, or treated poorly by the men they truly wanted. The balanced mating pool eliminated the corruption at the top of the mating hierarchy, and those guys at the top had to clean up their act. They no longer could just fuck the ugly girls as a masturbation aid while holding out only for the pretty ones. Women no longer felt they had to deny what they were attracted to, and there was none of the pressure to put up a false front like it was under the old system.

“That one's pretty solid. Let's write that out, then our homework is finished.” Matt said, relighting the roach and puffing away. “Man, NEITHER gender was happy during those days.” “That was the whole point of the Men's Revolution, Matt. It gave both men and women what they really wanted all along – mutual respect. By balancing the sexual market and exposing the Big Lie, the root problem that caused friction between the genders for thousands of years was suddenly removed. We were finally able to repair the damage done to male and female relations since the notion of romantic love became ingrained in society centuries earlier. When Booker T. Cox wrote “The Men's Sexual Revolution” 100 years ago, he showed us that we didn't have to go back to the barbaric traditional practices that were commonplace prior to the cultural notion of romantic love. His idea of publicly available aesthetic enhancement allowed for an entirely new, more civilized alternative.”

“It's crazy how much shit we see today gets attributed to the Men's Revolution. They mentioned it a lot in my criminology class last semester, “ said Matt. “Really? What stood out the most?”, Alyssa inquired. “Well, since the passing of the Enhancement Act, the rates for almost every possible crime suddenly went down – many of them WAAAAAYY down! Selling drugs lost some of the allure it once had, as many men of lower incomes no longer felt they needed a crutch to inflate their sexual market status. Many of the small time dealers – those that weren't just dealing to support a habit –, abandoned the trade. They chose other options instead, since the trade wasn't as lucrative as it was before, and less worth the risk. As prostitution was dramatically reduced, a large portion of the illicit drug market also disappeared. Since cannabis had already been fully legalized, there were no huge earnings to be had from growing your own weed. If you wanted to deal, your only option was the hard stuff – smack, ice, blow, and shit like that. The classic “hooker's drugs.”

Today, the money is in psychedelics and club drugs – DMT, acid, MDMA, ketamine, etc – and we've definitely seen a big rise in that shit over the last 50 years. However, when you put it into a broader perspective, we still have the lowest addiction rates among the population we've ever seen. While the problem still exists, it is nowhere on the same scale as it was in the early 21st century, and DEFINITELY not as bad as it was 70 years ago.

The established street gangs shrank in size, along with the drug and prostitution markets. Also, fewer teens wanted to be gangsters since a large part of the thug allure was in getting the “bitches.” Crimes of passion have been greatly reduced, as a former love is now more easily replaced. It wasn't like how things are today. Many men were living in a scarcity environment, trying their best not to act desperate around any woman who showed them interest, because it was so rare. Combine that with someone who also happens to be a bit psycho, and it was a disaster just waiting to happen. Here's another point of interest: The countries that have publicly available aesthetic enhancement all have the lowest crime rates ever recorded in human history, while the countries that never got with the times are now teetering on the brink of collapse.”

“Ah, yeah...I remember hearing about that on the news recently” said Alyssa. “Things in Russia have gotten so bad that people are executed on the spot just for having a little weed on them. The cops just shoot street prostitutes if they refuse to service them, and they can't be charged for that because prostitution carries the death penalty over there. The Russian people lost their right to a trial as the government resorted to extreme draconian measures in a desparate bid to contain the out-of-control crime wave. The police are given the power to execute lawbreakers on the spot, and the people are completely at their mercy. You could be shot for any reason, with impunity, and they get away with it.”

“That's fucking crazy!” Matt gasped, eyes wide with astonishment. “The Big Lie bubble popped almost a hundred years ago, yet the Russians and the Chinese are still clinging to the old system. Why don't they just accept it and fix it?”

“Corporate interests,” replied Alyssa. “The old rules of human pair-bonding, along with the Big Lie, allowed corporations here to profit the most by taking advantage of the sexual market disparity. An attractive populace is bad for many big corporations.

“So THAT's why there was such a smear campaign against the Men's Revolution...” Matt said. “The divorce lawyers were afraid of it. The luxury industries hated it. The housing industry hated it. The companies involved with precious gems hated it. The wedding industry was quaking in their boots. The people who were selling love advice went apeshit. Married women hated it. The porn industry hated it. Yet the plastic surgery industry embraced it. So did the fitness and nutrition industries. Same went for all those other industries that stood to PROFIT. Once the Enhancement Act passed, all those industries shot WAY up. It all makes sense now...”

“Hey, let's go grab a bite to eat. I'm hungry” Alyssa interrupted. “Yeah, me, too. I feel the munchies coming on. How does Chinese food sound?” “Sounds good. Let's go,” Alyssa said,while checking herself in the mirror and touching up her hair “...and you're paying this time.” “No problem” replied Matt, as they walked out the door, hand in hand. The cool evening breeze felt invigorating as they ran across the street toward the Chinese restaurant. Their stomachs growled in anticipation as the pungent odor of soy sauce and other spices permeated the air.