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A normalfag or normie is used by 4chan and Wizardchan to refer to people who are social and are getting laid.

Some argue that normalfags aren't as "normal" as they seem.

The way you guys talk of normalfags tells me that you guys have very little experience interacting with the general public, because if you did, you would see all the flaws they try so hard to hide. They have the same akward moments, delusional thinking, lack of introspection and self awareness, and general disfunction that the members of this fucked up place have. Normalfags are always in a state of complete denial and delusion about their mediocre lives, each one clinging desperately to some outlandish pipedream that will never be achieved, the more realistic ones medicate with drugs or alcohol to avoid thinking of the string of failures they call a life. The more time I spend around others, the more I see the same pain being masked in different ways, everyone wearing a mask and putting on a show to try and appear "normal".