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Mike Mew
Name: Mike Mew
Date of Birth: Unknown
Occupation: Orthodontist

Mike Mew is a British orthodontist known for his research on oral posture.

Mike Mew method for maintaining proper oral posture

Teeth together, lips together, tongue on the roof of your mouth.

— Mike Mew

Mike Mew says that your tongue should be placed on the roof of your mouth (the palate) because this allows for healthy maxillary development. People with retruded maxillas are aesthetically unappealing, and placing your tongue against the palate can prevent your maxilla from retruding, and may even correct a retruded maxilla over time.

As much of the tongue should be against the palate as possible. Both the front and back of the tongue should touch the palate. People with small palates have difficulty doing this because palate isn't large enough for the whole tongue to rest.

To determine the correct tongue posture, Mike Mew advocates a "cheesey smile" (doing a large smile and raising the eyebrows). If you do this, you would feel the back of the tongue raising up. This is the posture you need.

Close your teeth together as it makes it easier for the tongue to rest against the palate. Do not clench.

Your chin should be tucked in. Ideally, your ears should be leveled with your shoulders. Sometimes you will notice that your head is tilted downwards if you do this. This should be normal for people with retruded maxillas. Tucking your chin will create more force from your tongue against your palate, at rest and especially during swallowing. Tucking your chin in will also elevate the back of your tongue to your palate.

The correct swallowing pattern consists of using your tongue to do the swallowing. Your teeth should be remain closed (but not clenched) during the swallow. There should be no movement of your lips or cheeks during the swallow. Your chin should be tucked in. You should feel your tongue press hard against the palate during the swallow. Both the front and back of your tongue should be pressed.

When eating, keep your back straight, chin tucked and ears aligned with your shoulders the whole time. This will assist a correct swallowing pattern when eating.

Forcing a chin tuck could have negative consequences. It could obstruct the airway.


Mike Mew has a large following among Sluthate users. Followers of Mike Mew are known as Mewslims or Mewers

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