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For one to succeed in the entertainment industry, being good looking is a major advantage.

Even becoming popular in YouTube is highly based on looks. Male YouTube celebrities, including nigahiga, RayWilliamJohnson and Shane Dawson, are very good looking. Even Timothy Delaghetto and kevjumba look decent.


Heightism is primarily experienced in the workforce.


Since my rhino, men are EXTREMELY nice to me! Before, they ignored me or were rude! The toll of coming to the realization that superficiality is so dominate in both the dating and business world was a cold reality and a bitter pill to swollen.[1][2]
it is. 2 years ago, when my face transformation started to happen, I lost 90% of female interest. I went from being approached to being cringed at lately. 1 year ago my outer family members started to avoid physical contact with me (grandmother, cousins etc), started to being rude and not tolerant and I was even told that I'm not a person that they've known, despite the fact my personality is getting better and better in order to compensate for looks. In last 6 months my looks worsened so much that even my mom started to behave differently. For instance, when she was visiting someone, she always took me with her, but now I stopped to get invitations. She used to post images of me and her on facebook, but now she stopped doing that. She even put an old image of me and her in her facebook profile image and she avoids posting images of new me.[3]