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Misconceptions based on projection

  • "Males are attracted to sexual dimorphism in females. Therefore females are attracted to sexual dimorphism, to the same extent, in males." This is not entirely true, because there are many counterexamples, such as facial hair. It does not make much difference if a male has a full beard or is clean-shaven, as it is to females who have no facial hair vs. a bearded female.
  • "Males prefer a good body over a good face for short-term relationships. Therefore females prefer a good body over a good face, to the same extent, for short-term relationships." This is not entirely accurate. Females do like a good body on males, but isn't a good body, but also social status. One could argue that high social status, for a man, is more important than having a good body. Thus it would be more accurate to state "females prefer high social status on males to the same extent as males prefer a good body on females."
  • "Males like short, slender, feminine females because they can dominate them during sex. Therefore females like tall, built, masculine males because they want to be dominated during sex." Dominance isn't perceived the same sexually in females as it is in males. Males tend to view dominance as physical domination to her. However females tend to view dominance more than just physical domination. Being dominant could also refer to being a leader or being famous. See Sexual fetishism#Movement for more info.
  • "A short midface is attractive on females. Therefore a short midface is attractive on males."
  • "A long midface is unattractive on females. Therefore a long midface is unattractive on males."
  • "A short philtrum is attractive on females. Therefore a short philtrum is attractive on males."
  • "A short jaw is attractive on females. Therefore a short jaw is attractive on males."
  • "A positive canthal tilt is attractive on females and a negative canthal tilt is unattractive on females. This applies to males too, to the same extent."

Sexual dimorphism

  • "A retruded maxilla is feminine."
  • "A narrow palate is feminine."
  • "Low-set cheekbones are feminine."
  • "Retruded cheekbones are feminine."
  • "Lack of body hair is feminine." See also Race and body hair.

Facial identification

  • "He has a retruded maxilla." (The upper part of the maxilla is projecting making it seem like the lower part of the maxilla is more retruded than it is.)
  • "He doesn't have any cheekbones." (A forward-projected maxilla cancels out forward-projected cheekbones, e.g. Brad Pitt)
  • "He has a protruded maxilla." (When head is just tilted up.)

Evolutionary biology

  • "Females are attracted to dominant men because these men were the most successful in getting women, when male-to-male combat was intense." (Circular logic - why would females be attracted to dominant men when dominant men are already successful?)
  • "Females like to spend time shopping because they're gatherers."
  • "The moustache may also to some extent serve to disguise the mouth and conceal emotional state, which could be of benefit in inter-male conflict."[1]
  • "Blacks have larger lips to dissipate heat"[2]


  • "Females are more compassionate than males." (Empathy is a fundamentally masculine quality.)