List of double standards

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  • Society invests lots of effort into combating women's problem of sexual harassment, which is obviously due to legal issues. However many incels think that society is required to help them get laid despite it not being a legal problem, just their problem that their fat ass can't get any.
  • It is socially acceptable for women to wear make up to hide facial imperfections, and men are called gay for it, but let's be real here, it's true 90% of the time
  • A low inhibition male who is seen as "unattractive" (though what is unattractive differs from person to person and is n itself subjective) is seen as creepy for being too forward, mainly when drunk because it is offputting behaviour and not very attractive to be slurring your words trying to take a girl home, whereas a low inhibition male who is attractive is also seen as creepy for the same reasons