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An indicator of interest is an action that may indicate that a woman is interested in you. Some regard this as a misnomer because you cannot be certain of a woman's interest in you based on her actions.

if you don't want to cold approach then approach women who give you IOI's. but from my experiance with this around 80% of the women i thought were giving me ioi's or checking me out rejected me or token flirted me. only 20% were actually receptive ...which leads me to beleive that we as men imagine most of our IOI's. make sure you have adequote COPING mechanisms if you are approaching girls who you think are giving you IOI's, because you'll need them when most reject you and the redpill finally hits you that most of your IOI's are in your head. I've had to come up with new ways of COPING myself as so few of the girls i think are giving me IOI's are actually interested in me when i go talk to them.