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Indian people are people who originate in the country of India. Colloquially, it can also refer to people from other countries that are geographically close to India, such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, or Sri Lanka. Indian people have a large variety in their appearance and are descended from a mix of different populations. Men of Indian descent living in Western countries are frequently incel.

Some claim that Indians are the most incel race of people in the West. Indian men are universally hated by women of all races, especially white women. However, it is not their fault that they are incel.

Indians are mainly incel because of their beta personalities. Indians in the US develop beta personalities for these reasons:

  • They are neglected or even bullied by white kids for being non white
  • Unlike blacks and hispanics, Indians cannot run to a clique of their own race because there are not that many Indians in your average public school. Indians depend on being accepted by whites to succeed socially