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The halo effect is when people ascribe personality characteristics or other qualities based on their impression of a person.

The halo effect could be influenced by one's looks, dress, status/popularity or body language.


  • When a popular jock is being romantic with a female (holding her hand; buying her drinks), he would be viewed as "nice" (as in genuinely caring about her). After all, he could get any females he wishes. He doesn't need to be romantic. The woman would conclude that his "romance" is the result of his genuine kindness.
  • But when an ugly nerd is being romantic with a female, he would be viewed as "manipulative" (he's just faking an act to impress her; he's being romantic to compensate for his ugliness; he's worried about losing her; not because he genuinely cares about her).

As you see, the same actions have vastly differing interpretations just because the two men look different.

When a hot guy is nice, it is seen as genuine. But when an ugly guy is nice, it is seen as manipulative or overcompensating. This mindset results in women despising nice guys, unless they're good looking of course.

When a popular, bad boy is being romantic, he's a cool guy who is "just being cute". When an ugly nerd is being romantic, he is showing his desperation.


I find less is more. I like to wear Armani and Ralph Lauren but their more basic timeless styles, nothing too trendy and loud. Women always compliment me on what i wear and i often look more sophisticated than them. I stand out from all the snapbacks and hipster bullshit In fact, one time at a dance I found out that the girls made fun of me behind my back because I dressed like someone I wasnt. I dressed like a player but was socially awkward and "creepy" apparently. The incongruence just made me a joke. If I dressed like an aspie there would have been no expectations and no let down for them. I came as a guest to that dance and again, all the girls at my table were disappointed at how unattractive I was since the person who invited me built me up[1]

If you dress like a bad boy (wear leather jackets and tattoos), people would expect you to be a bad boy and not expect any nice behavior. However, if you say or do something nice, it means more because it's not expected of you.

When a "bay boy" holds a female's hand or does something romantic for a girl, it means way more than a nerdy guy doing the same thing for her. When a bay boy does nice things, he is becoming closer to her and being more down-to-earth; when a nerdy guy does nice things, he is a deluded white knight or manipulative.

When a bad boy smiles at a female, he's being friendly. When a nerdy guy smiles at a female, he's being weak.

When a bad boy makes fun of a female, he's just being flirty/fun. When a nerdy guy makes fun of a female, he's being a try-hard or a poser.

Body language

Smile too much, you're seen as weak and submissive. Any actions you do or words you say doesn't come out as authentic or deliberate. If you have relaxed body language and smile only when it's appropriate, then any actions you do and the words you say would come out as dominant and mature.


Imagine if you were to bump into Jay-Z or Dr. Dre or Michael Jordan, and they had a big entourage. The celeb in question comes up to you and says "what's up.. having a good time dude? cool.. yeah this place is pretty busy you know, and it can be kinda intimidating.. but you know, I just try to have a good time.. anyway, have a good night man.."

You'd be like HOLY SHIT THAT GUY IS THE COOLEST/NICEST GUY I'VE EVER MET... You'd tell EVERYBODY about how cool and down to earth the celeb is, and you'd be really appreciative and impressed.

Now take the SAME REMARK from a geek or whatever, and you wouldn't give it a second thought... Whatever, its just some geek.

Self-fulfilling prophecy

The halo effect may interact with the self-fulfilling prophecy. Suppose a female gives free casual sex to a slayer. The slayer will feel appreciated and he would return her affections by being romantic to her or buying her drinks. She will interpret such gestures as kindness, unaware of how her own behavior leads to the slayer to be affectionate to her in the first place.

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