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For women planning to get pregnant, women who are pregnant and women who are lactating, see: Pregnancy and nursing advice


See hair loss.


See acne.


Estrogen is one hormone which fuses the growth plates. See How to lower estrogen.


See fat loss and bodybuilding.

If you search for "hot guys" on Google images, these results would show up:


Body hair

Don't shave your legs. The clean-shaven look is in-style in Europe.[1]

We also found that when the women’s fertility was at its highest, they preferred males with less body hair and that postmenopausal wosmen demonstrated stronger preferences relating to male body hair than did premenopausal women. Our study suggest that in the fertile period of their cycle, Finnish women prefer more the trait that is the current Western ideal of male beauty (hairlessness) than the trait that is traditionally (albeit in- correctly) seen as a symbol of high testosterone levels and masculinity.


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