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The quintessential Chad, Jay Gould.

Chad Thundercock, or simply Chad is the name given to the archetypal handsome popular jock. He is not any specific person, but rather an ideal that exists in the minds of women. A male who bears resemblance to the Chad ideal can be referred to as a "Chad".

Women evaluate men based on how close they resemble Chad. A man who bears no resemblance to Chad is worthless in the eyes of 99% of women.

It is interesting to note that no female equivalent of Chad exists. Men are attracted to all sorts of women. There are men who like short women, and men who like tall women. There are guys who like big tits, and guys who like small tits. There are chubby chasers. Even deformed women have boyfriends. Men must conform at least somewhat to the Chad ideal in order to get laid, but women do not have to conform to a similar ideal because men have varied tastes in women.

Ethnic Variations

  • Black - Tyrone
  • Latino - Rico
  • Asian - Chang Thunderwang
  • Indian - Chadpreet
  • French - Gaston
  • Italian - Chaddio