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Black People, also known as Negroids, are a race of people who descend from inhabitants of Sub-Saharan Africa. Black people live in many parts of the world, due to being brought there as slaves or voluntarily emigrating from Africa to escape its poverty and low standard of living.

Black people are known for their dark skin, nappy "Afro" hair, broad noses, thick lips, and projecting jaws. Black women tend to have large buttocks, while black men tend to have large penises. Black people tend to be more athletic than people of other races. On average, they have lower IQ's than people of most other races. They have a greater propensity to commit crime than people of other races. In the United States, black people commit seven times more crime than white people per capita. Black people also have, on average, larger penises than other races.

Many people have a mix of black and white ancestry, and in some cases, Native American ancestry as well. Even when only a minority of an individuals ancestry is black, they are still called "black" if they have any visible degree of Negroid influence on their phenotype. The term "full black" refers to black people who do not have any non-black ancestry and thus have darker skin and more pronounced Negroid features. The average African-American has 15% white DNA.