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Balding or Norwoodism is a disease that makes the afflicted person lose hair, and therefore look older, causing involuntary celibacy. Balding ranges in severity from NW1 (minor balding) to NW7 (severe balding). It is impossible for men with NW7 hairlines to experience true love with prime females.

Bald men are perceived to be more dominant but less attractive.[1]

oh pleeaaasssseeee!!!!

a shaved head means you are going bald. there is nothing sexy, tough, hot, exciting etc about it at all. it's nasty and most of the time you think "wimp". i hate bald heads and i don't care how you spin it, i would not date a bald guy. for one thing, they are trying to hide something and lying about it, with a bald head. my husband has thick, luxurious hair. he doesn't spend hours primping and prissying about it. he washes it, shakes it and goes. everyone notices his hair and most everyone, men and women envy those beautiful locks of his.

bald = tough? BULL!!!!![1]


A wide variety of purported treatments for baldness exist.

Finasteride, also known as Propecia, is an oral drug that reduces DHT (dihydrotestosterone) levels, thereby slowing down or stopping the Norwood process. Side effects include loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, and dark circles under the eyes, among others. A small minority of users continue to experience side effects even when the drug is stopped. In some cases, the drug will stop working after a few years. Another variant is called Dutasteride, which is generally used to treat prostate enlargement. Dutasteride is active at lower dosages.

Although this drug can cause erectile dysfunction, most users consider it worth the risk. This is because they have a 10% chance of not being able to use their penis if they take the drug, but a 100% chance of not being able to use their penis if they go bald.

Minoxidil, also known by the brand name Rogaine, is a gel or foam applied daily to the scalp. It can be used to regrow hair in the hairline region, but usually not in the scalp region. Side effects can include dry skin and increased skin wrinkles, along with an increase in body hair. When use is stopped, the hair falls out again. Not all users experience hair regrowth.

Nizoral is a type of shampoo normally used to treat dandruff. It can help slow down balding, but is generally not strong enough to be used as a sole treatment and must be used in conjunction with other treatments.

Tom Hagerty scalp exercise can be learned here: Tom Hagerty claims that Norwooding can be stopped or even reversed by performing an exercise for 10 minutes a day. It takes up to 8 months to see results. The exercise is performed by alternatively contracting the frontalis and occipitalis muscles over and over again, causing the scalp to move back and forth. Most people have a lot of difficulty contracting the occipitalis muscles, and it may require weeks of practice before the exercise can be easily performed. There is no hard evidence that this exercise works, only some anecdotal evidence provided by Hagerty and people who have learned the exercise from him.

Hair Transplants see plastic surgery


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