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Asperger's or more formally Asperger's Syndrome is a disease that causes inceldom. People with Aspergers are often targets and victims of pickup artist scams. Aspergers comes in two flavors: Genetic and Acquired.

Genetic Aspergers

For some people Aspergers is genetic. People with genetic Aspergers tend to have more severe symptoms, however the severity of their condition remains constant over time.

Acquired Aspergers

Acquired Aspergers is a condition that causes a person to develop symptoms similar to those of Genetic Aspergers, despite not being genetically predisposed to get Aspergers. A person with Acquired Aspergers starts off life normally, but due to being socially neglected or even being bullied, he fails to develop socially, and then develops traits common to people with Aspergers. The symptoms of people with Acquired Aspergers progressively get worse as they get older. It is not known whether there is a cure for Acquired Aspergers.