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Age pill is a subset of red pill philosophy that focuses on the aging process and its effects on physical attraction. It is agreed by age pillers that at some point after puberty, humans stop getting better looking and start getting uglier due to the effects of degenerative aging (senescence). Effects of degenerative aging on the face can include nasolabial folds, sagging skin, discolored/dull skin, balding, and an overall sickly aged appearance. The age of peak looks in males is not completely agreed upon by age pillers, but is generally thought to be somewhere around age 25. Age 25 correlates strongly with peak testosterone, peak DHEA, peak athletic performance, peak bone density, peak brain development, and peak untrained muscle mass in males; all of which begin declining after the age 25. Age 25 is roughly the age where cell degeneration begins to overpower the body's ability to regenerate new cells, thus mortality rate and susceptibility to age related diseases begins to climb slowly but steadily until death. Although cell regeneration is still stronger than cell degeneration at age 20-24, it is slowing down and not as strong as in the teenage and childhood years. Therefore a poor lifestyle in the early 20s can easily cause a person's cells to degenerate prematurely, leading to an earlier looks peak than 25. Some age pillers like dat feel believe male facial aesthetics can even peak as early as age 18. By the age of 40 most males decline in looks so much that they become completely invisible, or even repulsive to prime females.

Females are thought to peak in looks at age 14-22 due to their bodies maturing earlier than males. Although females are most fertile at age 18-22, it is biologically normal for males to be physically attracted to post-pubescent 14-17 year olds because their youthfulness indicates that they have a higher reproductive value (more prime years ahead of them), ideal for starting a family. After the age of 22, female fertility begins to gradually decline and after age 35 it sharply declines. By age 42 most women are incapable of conceiving. In Japanese culture, unmarried females over the age of 25 are considered "Christmas cakes" and are deemed undesirable and past their prime. Heterosexual feminist women over the age of 22 are often the worst at gauging their own looks and are unaware that they've hit the wall, believing the delusion that at age 23-40 they are somehow "more beautiful than ever". Aging has a defeminizing and pro-masculinizing effect on the female face, which tricks females into thinking they are getting better looking since that is what they find attractive in male faces. Contrary to the youthfulness and femininity that men find attractive, which women lose after their early 20s.

Incel males over the age of 25 are considered oldcels, because they are likely past the age of their peak looks and thus attracting prime females becomes more difficult. Men who keep to a healthy lifestyle and are blessed with good hair genetics may be able to plateau their peak looks until their early 30s, if they are lucky. George Clooney, Paul Newman, Tyson Ballou, David Gandy, Johnny Depp, Matt Bomer, and Brad Pitt are examples of 8+ men who accomplished such a feat. Sean O'Pry, Brad Pitt, and David Gandy are examples of men that became better looking at age 25 than they were at age 20. On the other hand, Francisco Lachowski, Zayn Malik, and Justin Bieber are examples of former 8+ men that are aging horribly despite being under 25. A reason for this might be that certain phenotypes age worse. It could also be that the aforementioned men have lived an unhealthy lifestyle that aged them prematurely. Sean Connery is an extreme outlier example of somebody that maintained his movie star good looks and male sex symbol status well into his 50s and 60s.

Poor diet, being overweight, smoking, excessive drug use (especially alcohol, crack, and meth), sunbathing, and high stress levels can cause a person to age prematurely and peak earlier than 25. A lifestyle with low stress, healthy diet, plenty of sleep, moderate exercise, sunscreen, and topical antioxidants is the best way to minimize the effects of aging. Contrary to the belief that gymcelling is useless, maintaining a lean physique (and lean face) is extremely important for maintaining a youthful appearance.