Suicide shouldn't be stigmatized

Suicide is a perfectly rational solution. If a human being is experiencing pain and suffering everyday for long periods of time why would they want to continue to live?

When you think you are so close to being normal but for some reason you never become normal.

So close to getting with that girl but failed.
So close to having people acknowledge you but you fail.

Failure after failure after failure.

When do you stop?
You continue living in this constant state of failure.

What's even more disappointing is you begin to age. It isn't simply the degeneration of your already shitty looks but at some point you have to realize that it's too little to late.

You become 20. You're still trying to become normal but why? You already missed out on young love ( the one and only true love)

You become 30, 40, 50 and realize life hasn't changed. Nothing had changed. The only thing that happened was extending your suffering.

This is why I urge all incels who truly hate their life to end it sooner than later. Don't extend your pain. End it now you will be thankful.

Hopefully I find the courage some day.
Some day I'll be relinquished from the burden of life. The day my life ends is the day I become happy.

who cares about the stigma ? once you go you won't have to deal with that bullshit

People don't want to acknowledge unhappy people exist because that will take them off of their YOLO high.



djfranktank wrote:We need medical regulated suicide.

that would cost alot of money.

What's keeping you from doing it today?
Eww face?
Know your place.

I agree fuk this gay earth and everyone in it. Either go ER or check out if you don't got it all.
What is better to be born good or to overcome your evil nature through much effort and discipline?

dont you live in the usa? buy a shootgun and shoot on your face you're even too useless to kill yourself other should do it for you just lol

SCHWARZER REGEN wrote:People don't want to acknowledge unhappy people exist because that will take them off of their YOLO high.

This. Also, people want you to suffer because it makes them look better. They also want you alive so they can exploit your labor. They know Chad isn't going to do the shitty jobs nobody wants.

Buy a gun and shoot yourself or cuiople other people. WHOLE STORY.

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