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I am new here, english is not my first language and this is my first topic.
what is in your opinion the movie(s) that illustrate the alpha men dominance over the betas?I am not talking about movies that ends with the nerd guy getting the hot chick(revenge of the nerds,love don't cost a thing etc)but movies where the alpha get all the attention over the beta.Well,it may surprise a lot of people, but for me its the 4 superman movies made from 1978 to 1987 and the reboot in 2006.
The character of superman is fascinating because of his nature of being an alpha(supermen)and beta(clark kent)in the same body(you can say the same about spiderman, but in his case his beta nature is only explored in his adolescence,unlike superman that also struggle with is beta side as an adult.
In superman 1 we meet character of the adolescent Clark Kent, a superbeing from krypton that because of the nature of his powers he is asked by his parents to never make use of them, so clark as to contain himself and because of that he is not able to fully develop as man he has to grow up as a beta(the scene in witch is a mere towel boy for the local football team and he is humilliated by a jock and later he kicks the ball to the stratosphere shows his frustration)and worst yet , his crush Lana Lang(more on her later) also dates an alpha/jock and in one scene she even tried to bluepill/friendzone him.
In the second part of the movie we met the adult Clark Kent,and because superman has to conceal his identity, as a Clark he has to act like the ultimate subhuman/virgin/nerd/incel.The other character that shows in the movie is Lois Lane, the ultimate feminist/go getter/professional/independent/aggressive bitch.In the scene that she met Clark she could not care less about him,not only because he is not attractive but also because he is a nobody rockie journalist from a small city(in other words beneath her).
Although the movie does not make clear of the real natures of Lois Lane, i think she is the type of gal that even in the adolescence she was not your typical girl, she probably was one on the teen girls that decided that in high school she would concentrate only in academics so she could obtain her professional aspirations,thus avoid the life of a typical teenage girl(parties,dating jocks,whoring etc)she probably even laugh at the girls that where all over the alphas and decided to never be seduced by a guy merely based on his locks.All that change of course when she meets the ultimate alpha, superman.In the scene when they meet for the first time you can see lois experimenting the sensation of being seduce by an alpha for the first time, superman and his powers are to much even for the ultimate feminist/go getter/professional/independent/ lois lane, also for the first time she in front of a man that she feels inferior, and course she star acting like any woman would act when they meet an extremely good looking guy.The movie ends with lois in love with superman and starting to bluepill/friendzone clark.
Superman 2 starts the same way Superman 1 finished, with the difference that clark is more in the friendzone with lois than ever.They even go to the niagara falls together, an otherwise romantic trip if lois lane had any attraction for the beta clark, but nooooo, it's only a work trip,nothing more.Obviously , when she finally finds out that clark is also superman her pussy gets for the first time immediately wet for the ex-beta now alpha clark kent,and next he take her to his Fortress of Solitude fuck her brains out.
Some people may be asking "but what about the part in which superman decides to abandon his powers and becomes a real beta and she stays with him"? she is not that bad, right?WRONG.She only become attracted to the sacrifice that the ultimate alpha male superman does for her,its the equivalent of what a real woman feels when a real alpha/slayer abandon his slayer lifestyle and becomes a beta provider for her, and of course immediately after clark kent lose his powers and becomes a beta he is humiliated and gets his ass kicked in front of his woman by an alpha/jock(a clear example of how the media brain wash the ladies with the idea that brute force is everything on a man)
The movie ends with lois forgetting that clark is superman, so obviously he is back in the friendzone.
For some reason, the character of lois lane is almost gone in superman 3,she only appears in the beginning with no consequence.The leading female character of this movie is no other than clark kent adolescent crush lana lang.
In superman 3, clark kent goes back to smaville for his high school reunion and he encounters his ex crush lana lang.Lana is not the hot teen that uses to date the hottest jock in town,she is now the single mom that got knocked up by that deadbeat alpha/jock that abandon her with a child.Of course when she sees clark again she becomes attracted to him BECAUSE SHE IS A SINGLE MOM AND HE HAS BETAPROVIDING WRITE OUT ALL OVER HIS FACE.She spends the whole movie trying to make clark a father figure to her son and also betaproviding for both of them.
Ok, so probably some of you are going to say that in superman 4 the ultimate beta clark kent is finally appreciated by a female over superman.well, yes and know.In superman 4(in my opinion one of the top 3 worst movies of all time)the newspaper that clark works is sold to a millionaire that fires the editor of the paper and hires his daughter Lacy Warfield,and as soon as lacy sees clark she becomes attracted to him.So, the daughter of a millionaire wants alpha clark kent?cool right?nooo. Lacy Warfield is the tipical spoiled brat that is granted every wish she wants (including buying a newspaper so she can become the editor)and the only reason she is attracted to clark is because in real life some of those type of woman, after whoring with the alpha/jocks in high school an college,they come to the conclusion that they will only be a happy wife if they married a beta/weak man so they can dominated all the aspects of the relationship,(they don't even have to betaproviding for her,since she has all the money, but hey, maybe is not bad of a deal for a beta)as long as the beta accept the fact that he is going to be cuckold the whole marriage.Lois is back in this movie with the same nature, in love with superman and friendzoning the beta clark, she does not care when lacy confess to her she wants clark,she not even a little bit jealous, she could not care less about clark,she even helps lacy in trying to conquer clark(that ignores lacy because 1:he is not a real beta, only plays one and 2:he is in love with lois that only cares about superman)you see, that is the biggest frustration of superman/clark kent,that lois is only attracted to superman because of his powers and ignores clark because he is only the typical sensitive/gentleman/beta.
There is not much to write about the superman reboot from 2006,only that this version of lois lane is A WAY SHITCUNT THAN THE PREVIOUS ONE,that superman is really a TYPICAL ALPHA/JOCK and clark kent is MORE BETA THAN EVER.
In superman returns he has been missing for five years, and before he left he got lois pregnant(in his defense he didn't know that,but still, typical beta he fucked her and left for five years)but don't feel bad for lois,when superman returns after five years lois already has a betaproviding fiance.Upon superman returns lois makes clear to him that she does forgive him for fucking and leaving, and she tries the whole movie not get her pussy wet for him,obviously by the end of the movie she gets her pussy wet for alphaman again.Hey, what about clark kent?is he even on the flick? well, kind of.In this reboot, the character of clark kent is of a secondary nature in this version of the movie,he probably appears between 15 to 20 minutes in the whole flick and has not impact on the narrative of the movie(because you know,if you want your action movie be successful you need to show way more alphas and way less betas) and when clark does shows he is ignored more than ever by this version of lois lane , she does not even try to friendzone him.He is so invisible to her she not even be able make an easy connection between him and superman(i mean,com'on bitch, if superman and clark disappear at the same time 5 years ago and both reappear also at the same time five years latter IS BECAUSE THEY ARE THE SAME PERSON)the interaction between lois and clark is almost non-existen, they have 3 or 4 scenes together and in one of them lois and her ex alpha soon to be betaprovider fiance make fun of how insignificant clark kent is.This movies show how the culture of alphas is stronger than ever, i mean the producers to focus only in the character of superman, ignoring completely clark(the same happened in man of steel,in that movie clark does not have one scene with lois lane)the reason probably is they needed the movie to be popular with the females, and in an action movie you need show the alphas, not the betas,so you can be sure the girls are going to flock to the theaters to wacth the movie

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