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  Runescape games, quests or some other things are on developing. They can make them better, however, our rs players have more to say. They have their own ideas to the rework of Construction. So here get RS gold they list what they want to make the team awake for the big rework.

  Currently, the dimensional plane Player Owned Houses is limited to a flat surface amidst an infinite void of black. But I feel that new technology within your grasp can change this bland outlook into a spectacular marvel.

  The dark abyss surrounding the current house layout is a relic of map limitations that used to plague the rest of game where there were currently no content in place. An attempt to remove "blank spaces" was done quite a few years ago with great success so the need for this type of boundary line is not particularly tasteful in the contemporary game.

  My suggestion, which ties in with a few of the next ideas, is for the borders to match the ground theme of the house. Now What I mean by this is easily explained via an example.

  Image: ... ed-public/

  If, say, a person has the basic woodland house theme that is the default then the border should be made out of a grove of tightly packed trees that act as a boundary line as well as aesthetic cornerstone to the overall plane.

  Each style should have a different and unique border that plays to the strengths of the theme, this will be discussed further in the Ground Styles section. Additionally,RuneScape gold the use of the skybox that actually adds a sky to the game, as seen by looking up anywhere but especially notable in a Clan Citadel, should be added to the "Contruction Plane" to give off a feel of realism. The different skyboxes could also be set to the theme and could potentially have a day or night version that would really give personally to individual homes.

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