Is anyone else here interested in Physics/Engineering?

I'm interested in physics, but I'm just disgusted by the academic community. Most posters on science-related forums are condescending assholes! It'd be great if there was a science website that was like sluthate, where there are both educated and uneducated posters, where not everyone is so full of themselves, where there aren't asshole moderators who delete your post because your question was in the wrong format.

A little bit about myself: I have a bachelors degree in electrical engineering and I almost have my masters. I am interested in developing a deeper understanding about physics. In particular I'm curious about how Einstein came up with relativity, because I do not see how Michelson-Morley proves the speed of light is constant, and even if it does I do not see why the constancy of light should take precedence over the constancy of space.

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Yeah, I'm currently majoring in Engineering. It's a bit because I'm interested but also because it's one of the few majors where you can get a good paying job with a Bachelor's.
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