The one thing that bothers me about Big Bang Theory

Societal problems, economics, etc.

Two of the ugliest guys on the shows have the best looking girlfriends.

One is a rat faced jewish guy who marries a cute blonde in glasses and the other is a short scientist with a giant head that gets with penny who is honestly overrated in terms of looks but still.

I can understand that Raj is an incel because he is your typical indiancel with poor clothing, accent, and a round face. His girlfriend is hideous looking though.

What bothers me is that Sheldon is an incel who ends up dating some manly looking geeky girl when in reality Sheldon should be the one screwing penny and the blonde in glasses. Leonard the watermelon headed geek and his rat faced pervy friend should all be incel while Sheldon is getting all the action. Raj should be running some sort of niche game.

It's sending the wrong message and it's blue pilled too, Leonard and his rat faced friend should be incels while Sheldon should be getting all of the action. All the while, Raj should be getting the leftovers due to niche game.

Sheldon is a serious aspie though. Rides the bus. Doesn't even lift. Schedules his bowel movements.

Penny is not even that hot, TBH.

i hate everything about that show.

that being said, sheldon is the tall aspergers guy right?

LOL he would never get the girl IRL none of those twerps would.

Let's face if it the BBT was true to real life there would be a whole lot more porn and backpage hookers.

But Sheldon is tall and facially the most aesthetic of them all. All he would need to do is lift a little and he is easily above a 7/10, he has the potential.

Raj has the potential too but he is ethnik he would need to lose the accent and try to be as western as possible.

Leonard and Howard are done for, there is nothing they can really do about their appearance at all which makes me hate the fact that they are reproducing with the hot girls. I mean look at those two guys, they are HIDEOUS.

Ideally here is what would be the case if BBT was based on real life.

Sheldon would get attention from ethnik girls if he remained aspie and would probably date an above average one. If he fixed some things like hitting the gym and learning to be more social and normal then he would be banging Penny and Bernadette.

Raj would likely get an arranged marriage and marry an indian girl. If he lost the accent and hit the gym then he might get an ethnik girl and in some rare cases a white girl but that would be it. Raj would end up banging Sheldon's girlfriend due to her being geeky, not that good looking but better looking than Raj's girl.

Howard and Leonard would be the guys that go to work frustrated and angry at life. The guys who would be trying to ruin sheldon and yell racial slurs at Raj because he is foreign and doing better than they are. Those two would eventually break and do something crazy.

Yeah the first two seasons were pretty accurate. Penny was still banging nothing but huge jacked dudes and everyone else was completely incel. But then it did go off with Raj actually banging some seriously gorgeous women (though he is rich) and Lenard who is the biggest pussy ever getting Penny(a high 6). It could happen in real life though... Penny was sick of getting pumped and dumped and wanted a nice stable relationship with someone who is willing to take complete care of her for life. And Howards girl is a scientist so odds are she would end up with a scientist too, which isn't a field known for its abundance of alpha jocks.

When was raj banging gorgeous women? I missed that part.

Also, she could have easily chosen a better looking scientist, howard is ugly to the point he is deformed. Penny settling down for leonard is a bit too much, realistically she would chose an aspie sheldon over the manlet with the giant head.

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