low-inhibition story that happened to me

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Was at club drunk with my mouthbreather slayer buddy. Dance behind some sloot and casually touch her ass. She turns and telle me to get away. I keep dancing but this slut seems to get wilder on her dancing and gets closer to me, I don´t make any steps behind or forward but she practically comes with her ass on my hands again. She turns and gets mad "get the fuck off me you fucker". I get my aggressive antisocial loser autistic personality on (the one that jankinoff hates) and scream "listen you ugly slut, you are the one getting on me, you need to get the fuck away". She remains paralyzed and charmed like I just created gold.

The funniest thing that happens, is that this obese ethnic manlet bouncer comes up to me (I was a tall ripped massive assassin-looking killer a few months ago when this happened) and says to the sloot: "U HAVIN PROBLEMS?"

Now, for some reason, the slut said it was everything ok. I also said, with a little pissed off tone, it´s everything in order. But this cunt, probably triggered from the feeling of possible confrontation, and feeling protected by his bouncer status, asks me to come with him. I, on the other hand, being slightly drunk and feeling protected by the fact that I could have fractured his skull with a few punches, or being able to give him a neck haemorragy, didn´t comply. Now he insists and touches my arm, and I arrogantly shove his arm off. Now he is fully triggered thanks to his bouncer status. The sloot in the meanwhile is scared as fuck. The bouncer starts to move in weird mode, all turned on, and I understand that for the sake of not being jumped from more ethnic weak bouncers that I could have taken out 1 on 1, it´s better to follow him trying to explain that it was the slut that attacked me, and I was simply minding my business.

My mouthbreather friend follows and is pissed off, trying to talk with the bouncers who joined up, while the obese manlet is playing all tough removing his jacket. His gay-looking colleague tells me "he wants to fight". I lol inside but I´m scared because these guys are like 8, and I´m alone since my mouthbreather friend would get beaten by a 4 y.o. kid. I respond "just lol, I don´t want to fight". I take my mouthbreather buddy and drag him away, while he´s angry and keeps trying to reason with the bouncers who had successfully removed us. I keep draggin him away. An incel comes and pulls a slap to my mouthbreather friend. My mouthbreather friend, being a little bluepill and world is all good, starts getting mad that he got a slap and complains on how that´s not correct. I keep dragging him while he´s almost crying that he got slapped. While dragging him, a timid incel skinny bouncer manlet dares to step a little farther from the group of bouncers, and tries throwing a slap at me from 3/4 behind, which I aptly dodge without even looking or caring (mind you, I have won multiple kickboxing tournaments in my prime in a 6 year span), he looks satisfied that he managed to try doing something for his pathetic social circle.

On the way, my autistic rage climbs to the top, making me contemplate on ways of committing multiple murders. Eventually I cool down.

Morale of the story: being drunk, tall, ripped and a piece of shit is dangerous

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