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Many people don't know this guy's background, so let me explain. He's a former house flipper (he buys foreclosed properties, fixes them up, and resells them for a profit), construction manager (I guess that's a step up from David X, who was just a construction worker), and Tony Robbins trainer. His qualifications for giving dating advice are personal experience (one year and a half of applying Doc Love's teachings-his own words in his book) and a background in sales (reselling foreclosed properties). This makes him about as qualified as any salesman with a year and a half of dating under his belt. I agree, not much there. Also, twenty years of studying self-help and training with Tony Robbins.
Most of this guy's teachings, I'd say about 85-90% come straight out of Carlos Xuma's Dating Black Book, which pre-dates the first edition of his book by three years. He claims it took him a year to write his book. Don't believe me? Have a look yourself; exact same concepts, phrases, principles, even specific dating techniques. This isn't to take away from the value of what Corey Wayne is teaching, but simply to point out that "his" ideas are not new and didn't originate with him. To those without prior exposure to some of the ideas he teaches, he might seem like a genius that figured all this stuff out himself, but he didn't. Xuma (himself, a self-styled dating coach with a background in sales) also borrowed quite a few concepts from earlier dating authors such as David De Angelo, Doc Love, Mystery, F.J. Shark. He simply repackaged and resold their ideas, with a few of his own thrown into the mix, and with more originality than Corey Wayne, who simply copies Xuma. The meat and potatoes what Wayne teaches "that works" is Doc Love's system. CW himself admits in his book that he was clueless with women before discovering Doc Love.
"you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women." Tony Montana

This is not unique to pickup, or self-help for that matter. If repackaging content for a younger, less experienced but more modern audience were a carnal sin, then you may as well drag Stephen Covey, Tony Robbins, Echart Tolle (from Nietzsche), Zig Ziggler, and Napoleon Hill (Plato), for that matter, straight to the ovens.

The older the content, the less value seen by the current generation. Repackaging does provide some value, as long as they’re not claiming their concepts as wholly originally their own.

True, even Denis Waitley repackaged himself with new wording for the internet age.

You know how to turn text bold.

Now learn how to separate a group of sentences into paragraphs.

If only you had better communication skills ...

He's just a youtube flooder with fragments of generic advice, copied from someone else. Wouldn't spend a second on this guy.

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