How can you ease yourself into suicide?

Where in east London do you live Gobman? Are you the cool type black or Somali?

Im sorry if this has been said before mate but you need to go all or nothing and get your hands on a load of different drugs, try different things out Roids, phenibut, beta blockers etc. As you say, you're a walking dead man, you have nothing to lose anyway.

All or nothing

theboss wrote:You're not ugly man. You're easily in the top 1% of blacks. Like you said when you went outside you saw attractive white girls with ugly ethnics. This is because lms theory is bullshit. I personally see ugly guys with cute girlfriends every time I go out. I saw a 5'0" Asian with a 5'8" blonde girlfriend yesterday, she wasn't been very affecting are and kissing him. And the thing is that I see this every time I go out. Just get ripped and get some type of hobby to get friends and you'll soon get a girlfriend.

I know you're trying to prevent him from going ER but this is retarded

Youllnevermakeit wrote:Its seems you let the trolls in here get you badly. otherwise I would delete this thread and go about my business as usual.

it ain't the trolls.

I am finding gobman to be very predictable. I have noticed that each time around the time that a full moon is due he'll tend to go full apeshit and make a topic of this nature.

just googled full moon dates 2015 and one is due on 4th may. go figure.
mrz wrote:Those who argue against me are invariably religiously delusional with propaganda, or otherwise they are simply sociopaths, those are the only two possible reasons that anyone would argue against me.

gobman3000 wrote:
ugly.cracker wrote:Well put, this is mainly why I refuse to date an ugly woman. I don't think it is because I have a big ego or sense of entitlement, but looking at your ugly girlfriend or wife everyday has to make you look into the mirror and think to yourself "god dam why is my life so pathetic."

There is nothing in the world more loathsome than an ugly little fat ethnic blob of shit. I'm not talking about the light ethnics either, no no no, that would be asking for too much. I mean black as night and MANLY looking.

A woman that you would want to strangle every time you look in her ghastly direction. Yet she is the best you can do, like fucking the devil himself. The sex would be ferocious and you will beat her during it.

Should I better myself as a man and get a 4/10 chubby girlfriend? Or should I remain the same and settle for a 2/10 girl I can beat and treat like shit?

Honestly the latter seems more welcoming because you can unleash your stress on something that reacts, just imagine her ugly little hypergamous ass cowering away from you.

And don't feel sorry for her, ALL HUMANS ARE EXACTLY THE SAME. That ugly bitch would have been a conceited cunt if she were hot or even average looking, she wouldn't even fucking glance in your direction, all with a change of appearance.

LOOKS dictate all things in life.


No. Mental state dictates all things.

Are you currently taking anti-depressants? If not, experiment with some. They might help. Sometimes it takes awhile to find the proper med and dosage. But you're obviously suffering from depression.

I'd also recommend a serious exercise regime. Not to change your appearance, but to produce endorphins.

Also, fuck the world and what it thinks. Fuck them all. Your job is to get through YOUR life and not be miserable.

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