car buying redpill: leasing is the best option.

Ive done extensive research on this, and compared numbers from my own experience.
The fact you drive a new car every years is a massive upside, that so many experts overlook. Leasing is the best way to minimize maintenance costs. As long as you seek out the best offer in your area, leasing is correct.
The most common argument against leasing is, You have no equity in it! But if you bought the car you would have an obsolete vehicle with costly repairs coming up, and less savings to buy an updated model. With leasing you just need to come up with the cash down every 3 years.

Maybe. If it's a very reliable car and you keep it until the wheels fall off then buying can work. You can have a window of a couple years with no payments and a somewhat reliable car. There are also mileage limits to consider. I think maybe leasing a used car (certified pre-owned) might be better? Payments are even lower, the car will still be somewhat reliable and you won't be fucked over as badly by the mileage limits. Also there's the fact that you're not sinking too much money into a depreciating asset. I never view cars as an investment, so paying to own one from the get go isn't necessarily the best decision. It really depends though. If the car holds up for ten years and you don't have to throw money away on it every other week, then buying can put you out ahead.

I go with a well taken care of used.
Fuck monthly payments. Also L2 do basic car maintenance (ez on jewtube) and you almost wont ever have to take it to the shop. Plus its manly and rewarding to maintain your own vehicle.

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