PC games graphics better than the console

i dont know
go ask the video games forums
they know all about that shit

bethshaya wrote:Are the PC games graphics better than the console games graphics? At least PC games graphics beats the PS2 games graphics. But are they also better than the XBOX 360 and PS3 graphics? Suposse the PC is equipped with one of the best and latest graphics cards: the Nvidia Geforce GTX 590 and the games configured at the highest graphics settings.

Yes PCs will always have better graphics than the latest console.
Whatever hardware a console has you could just buy a computer that has better hardware.
You can't upgrade the graphics card in the console but you can in the PC.


Exactly the computer has a better graphics than a console as you can upgrade the pc but not the console, put corei7, more ram and 2 or 3 gpu's at the same time will bring more performance than a ps4 or xbox360

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