Which technology degree has the highest salary potential?

There are so many degrees now, but I don't trust any college's advice on what to study... as it is typically something along the lines of "FOLLOW YOUR PASSIONZ!!". Since I have a liberal arts bachelor's from a top state school and I'll have an associate's in computer programming, I was wondering if it would be worth it to get a master's or a second bachelor's?

Some degrees offered at the local state school:
-Computer Science
-Information Technology
-Electrical Engineering Technology
-Management Information Systems (?)
-Software Engineering
-Information Security & Assurance
-Computer Engineering

These are either at the undergrad or grad level.

Adder wrote:Ask on a different forum is you want real responses.

I don't trust other forums. They are too politically correct and dishonest. Listening to other people out there is what led me to get a bachelor's in psychology (bad idea) and go to medical school (even worse idea).

Definitely security, though I am not sure what "information security & assurance" entails. You want to be able to make remote code execution exploits, and to be able to protect from them. Security is the highest paying tech career, if you are good enough to make the cut anyway. It's like the fucking NBA though, lots of people play basketball but only the top tenth of the top 1% will make the all-star dollars. You also pretty much need to be self employed and have connections to people who are pretty much cyber weapon traffickers. Or be able to get a security clearance and work for a military or intelligence agency, not sure that you will make super big bucks doing that but I think Snowden was making like $120,000 a year.

Making cyber weapons has the potential to make millions and millions of dollars though, but good luck having the intelligence + connections.

Here is an old price list from Google for what they pay for exploits against their browser, if you sold to intelligence agency you would add a zero to any of these figures though.

$60,000 — "Full Chrome exploit": Chrome/Win7 local OS user account persistence using only bugs in Chrome itself.

$40,000— "Partial Chrome exploit": Chrome/Win7 local OS user account persistence using at least one bug in Chrome itself, plus other bugs. For example, a WebKit bug combined with a Windows sandbox bug.

$20,000 — "Consolation reward, Flash/Windows/other": Chrome/Win7 local OS user account persistence that does not use bugs in Chrome. For example, bugs in one or more of Flash, Windows or a driver. These exploits are not specific to Chrome and will be a threat to users of any web browser. Although not specifically Chrome’s issue, we’ve decided to offer consolation prizes because these findings still help us toward our mission of making the entire web safer.

I am somewhat in IT industry. Yes security is the highest paying but only when you're at the top.

MIS is a good thing to take if you're in business and want to do database management as a scrub instead of some other type of analyst work. it's a good degree these days but very different from a CS degree

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