Muslim women are sluts too

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We live in a world which is more and more connected by the internet. A young woman living in Afganistan may be raised to be a devout Muslim but she can also talk to guys online and idolizes sluts on youtube. I can tell you that it was not hard for me to get nudes from such women in the past. I can also tell you that while they were all virgin some have admitted to having done sexual acts.
One muslim woman was especially a huge slut which gave blowjobs to at least 7 men in her life. But she was still a virgin so no future man will be able to know about her slutty past. It's also common for them to allow men to rub one out on their ass or between their legs.

Give it 15 or 20 years and majority of the "muslim" women in the 3rd world countries will also drop the virginity facade and become full blown sluts just like women in 1st world countries. Islam will be watered down by globalism. They can try to resist but they will make compromises just like Christians did and they will lose.

After the sexual liberation the sex tourism in the Arab and Muslim world in general will boom. There will be Arab women wearing fishnets waiting for a rich tourist near a bar that serves alcohol. 25-30 years from now easily.

but they are relatively kept under control
there is no such thing as "financial rape" there
Life is a whore, just pay your dues and fuck her hard

Iced Earth wrote:but they are relatively kept under control
there is no such thing as "financial rape" there

Sure. But they are also losing their grip on their women at a rapid pace. I forgot to add that young muslim men will be raised by Youtube so they will be modern cuck male feminists very soon. There is a great video on youtube in which a woman slaps an Indian guy on a tv show and he gets beaten up for slapping her back.

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