The cold and bitter truth

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It is interesting. As a 38 year old, once a solid "7" ("8"on a good day), before children and time took over, I can tell you that only 3% of the population are genetically blessed woth your Chad and Stacey ideals. Most of us in life just navigate out social lives and go where our hormones take us.

I have been with men that were, by your standards good looking. I have dated and ben with men over the years that may have looked just like you. The rub of it is, you are socially isolated because of your mentality-- not because of some genetic unfairness or shit lot in life.

I'm no super model, but pretty in my own right, even though time is taking its toll, but that isn't what you want is it? You seek out the creme de la crem and then criticize ALL women when they aren't interested in you. And in turn, that attitude means none are interested. Whether you consider me a 4 or a 6 or a 10, why would I ever want to sleep with a man that hates me for my aure existence? THAT isn't sexy and it doesn't make ME feel sexy. Because that is waht women want. To feel desired and being called a slut isn't going to achieve that goal, my wayward friends.

I am blessed. I have 2 fabulous kids and am marrying the man of my dreams. He doesn't have ANY of the physical or facial features you insist are exactly what women want. And yet, to me, he is beautiful. He isn't rich, and in fact was coming out of a troubled place in life when we met. But he works hard, treats me well, and in turn I treat him like the Adonis I see him as. It doesn't matter if other women see him that way. What is important is that I do. He makes me laugh, makes me feel beautiful, loves my kids and that's all I need.

You hate and criticize women for holding men to impossible standards and yet I see you degrading women that are beautiful in their own rights for being ugly and undesireable. You are hypocrites amd you are NOT Involuntarily Celibate. You are purposely so because you can't stand the idea of women who rarely exist not wanting you. It's like you are so worried about finding a unicorn, you would rather walk than happily accept a thoroughbred. (Pun intended).

Get therapy and learn to be comfortable in your own skin and to be happy being you and you might surprise yourselves. Being bitter and nasty will jever get you a dream girl and countless surgeries cannot fix that.

Take your "truth" and stuff it down your pie hole. Since you haven't noticed, this site is mainly geared towards below average ugly/weird/goofy looking people. Average looking NT normies don't have these problems, obviously. And who gives a shit about becoming an LTR cuck for some dumb whore? It's all about being treated better by society as a good looking guy vs. one that looks stupid, weird or what ever. What do you think makes the first impression in life for important things like jobs or meeting people?

Job interviews? Confidence. You look the person in the eye, offer your hand to shake, take a seat and speak when spoken to. Jobs don't hire people based on looks. If you have a skill, you'll find a job.

I'm with what's her name here.

You fuckers dwell in imaginary bullshit. "I'm gonna have my jaw redone and my eyebrows made perfectly symmetrical."

Who the fuck thinks like that. Buy some dumbbells, ride a bike, buy normal clothes and don't offer your many witty opinions about anything. You'll do all right.

For you, that probably means you'll only jerk off once that day. Baby steps, my man. Baby steps.

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