"Christian McQueen" shot self in the head.. missed brain

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Last year, PUA "Christian McQueen," a long time manosphere fraudster and washed up actor whose real name is Benjamin Riley Schmitt has finally gotten a role in a cheap flick after years of absence from previous cheap flicks.

This latest one is about how he shot himself in the head with some hand cannon but completely missed the brain and survived. :pistoldouble: It's called "Hollow Point" b/c that's exactly what the protagonist finds in between his ears.

Pretty realistic, indeed.




The flick: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm2411840/

Read up more on Christian McQueen/Benjamin Riley Schmitt scams: https://30daystox.com/christian-mcqueen ... -tell-all/

Why, aren't you just the handsome... Not that you can see it, but you should know, do you have a dick or a coont?

You look like a chick who hasn't shaved. Or a guy who looks like a chick and still hasn't shaved. And awww... look how cute your little hand is.

:-) I am flattered you noticed my little pic next to Christian McQueen's big pics :-) :cool:

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