i think i figured out the "ugly guys with girlfriends"

I think most of these girls were beta buxxed or the fact these are their oneitises.

men who literally begged and decided to be the girls friends until she got done riding the cock carousel or got tired of it. She decided to pursue the beta instead.

I for one was in a 4 year relationship until I let myself go, a lot of these guys have been in long time relationships with their girlfriends.

in the past, I was always got with these girls typically on the whim after losing weight and taking showers and getting haircuts.

So its safe to say that to get with any females in this day and age is to

1.have a good appearance

2.gain social status through social media

3. or try to be friends with girls or said friends

4. last but not least, I think you have to have something to in common with the girl.

But I will not deny looks do play a part in attracting the girls

your conclusions are not 100% correct

some ugly guys have girlfriends because such girlfriends priotize stability over looks and over romance adventures

please note there are not hot guys or cute guys ready to stay in a relationship with all the sluts
those reserve themselves for the cuter girls leaving the ugly sluts no other option to settle for a matched chode

It's as simple as that

Woman prioritize stability and security. There is your answer.

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