fuck you phishing scammer Zubeer Sheikh @"adolf hipster"

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i truly knows it was you, even after all the thousands of posts, hundreds of threads and the tons of doxxing we did together as a team



i knew it was you who doxxed me i figure me out, you biggest loser enigma in psl history.

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Adolf Hipster
Zubeer Sheikh
Zubeer Seikh
34 years old birthday is 12/17/1984

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Birthday: 12/17/1984
Ethnicity: Middle Eastern American
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Khalid Sheikh
64 years old birthday is 04/07/1955

9151 98th St Woodhaven NY 11421-2733

Neighborhood: Southwestern Queens

Birthday: 4/7/1955
Political Party: Independence Party
Ethnicity: Middle Eastern American
Religion: Muslim

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Zubeer Sheikh
Sheikh Khalid
Sheikh Ejaz Soni
Rukhsana K Sheikh
Saheer Sheikh Soni
Sheikh Rukhsana

sheikh zubeer 17th of Mar, 2012

as the owner, founder, and genius behind cameldog, I must say that these accusations against my orgonization are preposterous and down right fraudulent.

it sickens me that some people will abuse their freedom of speech like this.

true, we here at cameldog have acquired quite the library of social security numbers, credit card information, mothers maiden names etc. but this is NOT used for any scandalous endeavors.

dont believe me? well, I promise you that this is true, and if my word isnt good then the internet isnt good.

and what do you all have against the internet anyways?

I run a site based ENTIRELY on freedom of speech.
EVERYONE, regardless of race, religion, or creed, have the freedom to say ANYTHING that I agree with.
for example, a quality poster who goes by the name of "squiggles" recently made a series of quality threads with titles such as "reasons why we should kill all the jews" and "burn israel burn" and he had the freedom to do so at MY site.

obviously there have to be SOME limitations... for example, we dont allow people to post the name "vic" because I dont like a guy named vic... and the damage caused by posting the name "vic" is something that any reasonable human being would want to prevent.

but harmless "ribbing" like "jews deserved to be holocausted" and "september 11th was the jews" and "for sale, 3 WW2 "leather" lamp shades" are STRONGLY defended because I am a strong freedom of speech advocate.

so come enjoy your posting experience and cameldog, you will love it.


unless you are a jew.

https://danawhitesucks.wordpress.com/20 ... 4/cameldog


https://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/mm ... soc-855038

https://www.complaintsboard.com/complai ... 95258.html

http://forums.ufcfightclub.com/profile/ ... kh_zubeer/

http://forums.ufcfightclub.com/topic/11 ... er-kranga/



https://forums.sherdog.com/members/shei ... er.170779/

https://danawhitesucks.wordpress.com/20 ... g-rejoice/


https://danawhitesucks.wordpress.com/au ... er/page/3/

https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/ ... er-UFC-MMA



get cancer you stupid retard

pretending to not know and run reverse psychology on me and try to beat me at my own game

i see through you

you tried to ruin my life, but i'm still here posting and unfazed


because a lion does not concern himself about the opinions of sheep


Its over for him
“Kanye West - Slavery was a Choice“

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