[HINT]Why U ALL looking like done by North Korean barber? xD

No registration required. Post your picture and let us rate you. Rate your face. Rate your voice. Rate your posture. Rate your body language. Rate your walk.

PROTIP for your issues with girls:

You all guys looking like you have ZERO fantasy and invention about your looks! Looking at most of you, my only thought is "i seen the guy before somwhere". U are copycating conformist and normie "gentleman" looks.

In goddamn North Korea people have few haircuts to choose, because Great Leader decided that people need to cut in "elegant" way.


Made yourself to gain people attention! Colour your hair. Change haircut into "non gentleman". Wear more controversive clothing. Make some tatoos. For god sake - stop being BORING corpobot which fears to get negative comment from boss about look.

Who cares for life and workplace feldgrau?
Don't bother hang up with stronger and wiser than you. Coward will betray you in first possibility.

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