Communism in one country

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Full on communism for one lone country I feel is a pipe dream. It with no doubt seems impossible to enact in isolation. Modern countries cannot exist in a vacuum, and the very nature of being stateless would mean that a communist country would easily fall to outside military force(s).

In order for communism to work it would require a world-wide revolution or for the world as a whole to be quickly moved into that direction.
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Socialism in one country seems more realistic to me, however it would still fall under attack by capitalist countries, as is evidenced by the United States ways of always wanting to snuff out socialism wherever it may arise. This is especially evident by their doings in Latin America. Capitalism and imperialism go hand in hand.

Why would they allow the threat to capitalism to spread after all? It's against their interests. The bourgeois will never stop backing the politicians that're willing to sabotage and antagonize any socialist society that may appear. This is of course to prevent said societies from being successful and in turn inspiring others, facilitating the spread of socialism.

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