Another day at uni and another step closer to visiting Gandy

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Just fucking kill me

Went to uni today, it’s a tutorial where we had to present, I ofc miraculously managed to be the lowest smv and the bottom of the hierarchy in the class.

we had to work in a randomly assigned group(thank god, otherwise I’d have to limp from group to group like a beat dog), and this girl already was taking the charge, so obvious who’s the leader, she spoke so confidently and smoothly I just caged the entire time, imagine as a male relinquishing the leading role to a female, imagine a older man taking orders from a younger woman, I feel so cucked I want to kill myself.

I was never meant to be a leader, I am always the lone wolf kind, why the fuck to we have so fucking many group activities, I bet I can do all this shit by myself anyway, I work better alone, “I need not a team, for I am flawless, I need not an army, for I have the might of a thousand”

Then to add insult to the injury, a Chadlite in our group initiated conversation with another team member, then he fucking said and I quote word to fucking word “Dream don’t look the confident type”, oh my god, this fucking confirms it, this shit is now undeniable, I am incel to the very core, just fucking end me seriously, I can’t take this shit for much longer.

Another 4 years of this shit all day everyday and then in the workplace it’s the same type of situation and rinse and repeat for the next 50 years till the sweet release of death, at this point not waking up would be considered divine mercy.
O'my desolate soul
In my desolate home
It's my desolate role
I'm here all alone

one question
it would not be better for you if you dedicate yourself to picking fruit ? because the university seems to be giving you a lot of headaches

Fabie wrote:one question
it would not be better for you if you dedicate yourself to picking fruit ? because the university seems to be giving you a lot of headaches

I don't agree with your advice very much.
If he started university he is obviously aiming at a higher level job than picking fruits, and that requires high education.

But i must tell you a secret that very few know : university is not a very efficient way of learning.
The teaching methods are often poor, depending on the teacher.

And the @Dream's particular situation is even worse.
The social difficulties ( and hence, stress ) he is experiencing there will further lower his productivity.
This is typical for an incel at school: high learning potential wasted, impossible to exploit due to stress ( gets bullied, ridiculed, etc. ).

The good news: there are good learning methods out there.
A good example is Google.
You can learn by yourself much more than at uni, and faster.
Studying all by yourself will keep you really focused and thus you will learn like a train , by eliminating any social situation or any other type of stress that hinders you.
Because for you , social situation == stress.

There are also very skilled uni teachers that are selling their video lectures on YT or other sites.

Quit uni then and go to Google.

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