disturbing street hookers in the night

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yesterday and today at night I was disturbing street hookers here in montevideo in my car
you can found them in some avenues starting at 1 AM aprox and they stay working until 5 AM aprox

most of them are garbage and cheap compared to the escorts on a brothel
you can get a bareback blow job in the car for about 200 pesos uruguayans (around 7 dollars)
and for 100 pesos with condom
a blowjob + vaginal intercourse the price is between 300 and 500 depending the hooker
some of them accept vaginal bareback
when I approach them in my car they all want action,they do not want to let me go and they insist and insist
it seems they are desperate for money, or maybe is the halo effect that I produce,I don't know
some of them they get in the car without permission, they touch my penis, they touch me everywhere and they try to seduce me

of course I will not have sex intercourse with these retarded sluts, some of them are drug addicts and dangerous
I just ask them their prices and I always give them an excuse and I ran away

post your experiences with street hookers in your city


Sounds like someone is doing some in-person research of the prostitution route, despite an anti-prostitution spiel thread last week.

For an incel like OP its either this; or betabux some ugly, fat wife with a lifetime of pain, resentment, misery. sleepless nights and limited sex life to sire incel children.
All bounded by and made possible by rampant consumerism.

Yes street walkers are very "full-on" and presumptive you are down to fuck. That's because to them you are $7 dollars away from their next cocaine fix.

All prostitutes are on cocaine which makes them dry as a desert and they resort to using lube.

pantysniffer wrote:
All prostitutes are on cocaine which makes them dry as a desert and they resort to using lube.

not all prostitutes are on cocaine or are drug addicts
some of them not even smoke but are enough sluts and lazy to not work in a supermarket or meet a schedule
these ones do it to cover their expenses and to support 1 or more bastards

you can get a one week full gf experience for 500 euros here,quick sex even for 30
Life is a whore, just pay your dues and fuck her hard

Iced Earth wrote:you can get a one week full gf experience for 500 euros here,quick sex even for 30

the gf experience for 1 week or 2 weeks is just a scam or a internet myth,don't exists
if that existed, it would not be for everyone for only 500 euros
if you don't believe me pay in advance 1 week of gf experience
I assure you will end up scammed because the hooker will dissapear with your money
anyways, do not think they will charge you later ,paying in advance would be the only way to hire this service

Iced Earth wrote:that's why you need to scan for escorts on reputable sites

is that there are no reputable sites either
In addition, the only ones that can scam you are prostitutes, not the intermediaries

the prostitutes destroys your soul, you will feel yourself dirty and primitive if you start having sex with them
I tell you from own experience, you end up traumatized for a long time

on the other side if you move in the middle of them making them want you but you reject them, it can boost your ego

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