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Ah the fonts, the colours, the times and the memories....the nostalgia

It is good to be home

So the new comers to this site, identify yourselves

This place is my garden, though through neglect it has become barren, it will not be so for the snake of ouroboros, the head will devour the tail, just as the beginning will meet the end, and the end will usher a new beginning.

Such is the circle of life, the old die and the new rise, for a flower no matter how beautiful cannot bloom forever just as no king can reign eternal, the old and the distinguished have already made their mark, and now they deserve their dignified rest.

And I Opry, son of Gandy, the miracle of heaven, through these eyes I witnesses legends rise and fall, heroes live and die... And friends...made and left..... I still remain, for seeing my garden from the beginning to the end is my purpose.

Such is my curse, such is my destiny, eternal solitude... Ahhhhhh indeed, though my life is meant to be a lonely one, it will be a bright one.

Do not weep for me for you need to save your tears for yourself, instead do just as any mortal would before a deity, look up and behold as much as your eyes can withstand, my divine glory.

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O'my desolate soul
In my desolate home
It's my desolate role
I'm here all alone

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