More Pick Up Autistry from RSD scammers.

Bash the pick-up art community. Challenge the assumptions and techniques used by pick-up art, discredit the effectiveness of pick-up art, expose ripoff products, and reveal secret info of dating gurus.

WARNING: Cringe worthy footage.

I know we have discussed RSD as being arguably the worst PUA company, of the scam PUA industry, but these videos from RSD take the cake in terms of cringe worthiness.

As usual Owen Cuck, oops I meant Owen Cook has his staged, scripted videos where he is making out with some paid actresses that he claims to have picked up using his magical "game", I mean what attractive young woman is going to be attracted to some creepy, balding, middle aged overweight ginger with an ISIS beard? With the advent of Tinder, the days of men (unless he is a Chad), of picking up women in bars are over. And why does Owen Cuck talk like a faggot?

And check out the incels, at this bootcamp, these gullible, weak minded idiots have got rocks in their head, if they think they have a chance with women. ... ...

I will celebrate the day, the scam PUA industry vanishes off the face of this Earth, and that the PUA scammers burn in hell.
This is what happens whenever I approach women.




Life long member of the escort crew

Arabcel crew

Ethnicel crew

Baldcel crew

Oldcel crew

Gymcel crew

pathetic fat ugly ginger + gross beard :rambo:
he is basically the leader of a sect of retards

in the 1st video you can see there are lot of niggers in the conference, just lol :lol:
if I were black , to be scammed I would seek advice in Alan Roger Currie instead

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