post your prophecy for 2019

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we could analyze in 2020 who of us was right, so
here is my one

in 2019 the reptiles of the planet Niburu invade us because Trump plans to conquer the galaxy, the enlightenment and freemasons comes in our defense since the ummites want to invade the earth and the planet Mars
China will use missiles from the moon to attack but the catholic church interfere the new black pope who is a flat-earther nigger negociate to help the humanity
by mid-year Jupiter will explode and become a star ,calisto will be the new planet of humanoids and then everyone will live happy forever

what do you think?

post your prophecy

in 2019 i will fuck 1 new girl every week hot or ugly. my goal is to reach 50 slays.

rotting will continue
Life is a whore, just pay your dues and fuck her hard

Iced Earth wrote:rotting will continue
“Kanye West - Slavery was a Choice“

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