Man spent $200K on his woman; turns into violent conflict

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Man worked two jobs just to get enough money. So he could spend that money to his woman on clothing, jewelry, shoes, vacations, dinners, etc. He was basically a slave to his woman.

Then a year after they got married, the couple started to have heated arguments. Why did they have heated arguments? It is probably because she is very demanding on him to buy her stuff. She possibly views him as a beta; she is not attracted to him and demands him to buy her stuff to compensate his lack of attractiveness. Heated conflicts are more likely to arise if the woman is prostituting herself to a man she is not attracted to. See my post, "Why do woman hate incels?" of how heated arguments are more likely to arise if there is no mutual attraction between the man and the woman. The man will likely accuse the woman of being materialistic/entitled and the woman will likely accuse the man of being entitled/controlling/abusive or taking her for granted. Each party will accuse the other party of being abusive/entitled. Each party will accuse the other party of "starting the argument". There is evidence for this claim. In the video, he literally said that she was "materialistic" and that they were arguing all the time.

The couple eventually began to resent each other after all of the arguing.

Eventually the woman punches herself to leave marks on her face. She did that to falsely accuse her husband of domestic violence. Why did she commit such an act? This is because the woman resents the man due to the constant arguing between them, she perceives the constant arguing as "verbal abuse" and wants to punish him for the "verbal abuse".

this slut is out of the guy league, she is around a 7 , the guy is a 4 or below average
is evident she married this guy for his money or for another obscure purpose,she thinks she deserve a better candidate
everything that has happened afterwards are the clear consequences of wanting to date women more beautiful than yourself

and this is the minimum what is going to happen to any idiot who believes that hot wives can be bought in another country without paying the consequences
it does not matter if it's an African indigenous wife, an asian gold digger , a russian bride, or as in this case a slut from Morocco,
all of them are going to shear you

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