Anyone wanna do an interview podcast thing about your experi

Wanna do an anonymous interview thing with someone here just to ask them about their life and past and opinions and shit. I like watching stuff like the bjork stalkers videos or randy stairs manifesto cause they just go so deeply into these guys psychology and lives its so interesting to get to know someone in this way that you dont really ever do in real life. It'll be a conversational type thing, wont just be asking you questions and not commenting on anything you have to say like some shitty magazine article. Once in a lifetime interactive experience lol. Might be good to have a non surface level conversation with someone else for a few hours. You can say whatever points you want the world to know or whatever. I also have a feeling mentioning that Im 5 foot 4 and fully grown might make you guys want to talk to me more, so there ya go. DM me if ya wanna be on it

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