I am never connected to society because of my personality

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I really feel like everywhere I go online and try to meet someone similar to me I fail. Incels now are just another offshoot of SJWs who whine and bitch about stupid problems, and the reality is 99% of incels can get laid, but choose not too, because they would rather complain and have victim mentality like feminists.

Ethnics are scum because of their race and subhumanity but also because jews have trained them to hate and attack white like me.
Most whites, really almost every one of them except me, are also trash because jews trained them to hate themselves and feel guilt over treating ethnics badly, which is low IQ since ethnics deserve bad treatment due to their subhumanity, it is nature to treat them like the shit they are, even their skin is shit coloured.

But yet, even the few whites who hate ethnics are bluepilled pussy worshippers who hate incels and worship women, which is what white nationalists do. I found a good subreddit called r/justbeblack, which states the fact that black men are worshipped by white women and ethnics in general are worshipped by white liberal women, which is why ethnics can't be incel. But all the people on that sites except me are just cuckold trash that jerk it to interracial porn, they aren't against interracial sex like I am, because I don't want niggers stealing white women from me.

I am truly one in 8 billion personality/political beliefs, the only person in the world with my own unique personality or political beliefs, so I can NEVER be connected with society, even if I was Chad, I would just get casual sex, I could never feel love from a woman, they would be disgusted with my beliefs. I TRULY AM ALL ALONE IN THIS EVIL ILLOGICAL, STUPID AND DISGUSTING WORLD WITHOUT THE SLIGHTEST HINT OF COMMONALITY WITH THE REST OF HUMANITY. I QUESTION IF I EVEN FIT THE CATEGORY OF HUMAN BEING ANYMORE. But that is okay with me, perhaps humans are filthy evil trash, and I am actually better for not fitting in with them.

Alot of cognitive dissonance here. You start the post admitting that incels are entitled, but come off as jealous and entitled yourself later in your post. Really not sure what to believe here. The fact that you contradict yourself like this makes me think that you have only read about this, and not actually developed your own opinions. Anyone who truly thinks for themselves can see through their own hypocrisy. This is why you’re so unhappy. Your own beliefs don’t agree with each other.

Keep looking OP. I've found both men and women who have evolved intro truly enriching characters. I think that to become like that, someone has to go through the process of "death and rebirth" atleast once, unless they're just truly superior. Anyways whatever happened to fuck bitches;get money? Thats my jam. :-D

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