regarding my past posts and reputation on this site

Suggestions for board features and changes.

Last posted almost 3 yrs ago but have people pming me and hating on me . :walk:

Im not antiwhite.I look 100% white now and Ive kind of mitigated my autism with dhyaanguru's videos.Ive started grooming myself very well(shaven scalp and face,laser hair removal for face,working out)and ive moved back to North America and the food made me more filled out and slightly taller lol.I believed in the crap spouted from certain posters that masculinity is is not for dark haired dudes.we cant be running around growing hipster beards and shit lol

Ive somewhat mitigated my periorbital blepharochalasis with carbonic anhydrase inhibitors,DMSO and TCA and phenol peels.

Im done with white women and ive banged a few since 2016 (summer to february) .I really realize everything Happierabroad says is true about them.the fakest.shallowest,nasty girls on earth.ALL of them.Not only are they poison but they poison other femoidz..and also they all bang our eternal and permanent enemies-negroidz ....I mean in holland this was maybe 1/ uscels are all cucked by dudes that openly say they want to holocaudt you and these women support him.

the white men are also under a spell and defend her and still cope and pedestalize.

I am in the US and want to get out asap.Im a trump nuthugger and am into the hitlerian occult ...I recommend the website joyofsatan ....

I also want to say last:sorry for all the previous antiwhite antinordicist racism.Antiwhites hate all whites alike cool with all guys except negroidz and dravidians.and those alien judenvermin
Balanced Med + Indian latinos are the goat ethnic men.
-Chronic reborn

WW are the misfortune of caucasian males.we brutalized the world to give them some cool trinkets...and we are basically their golems.

and what do they do?they all balang our genocidal eternal cosmic enemies.

so for that:gene modify the white and effffnik gene expression to only produce white ,native,cbink men and ethnic women.

WW shall be removed from the genepool

strange aspie meets catholicism syncreticism
Life is a whore, just pay your dues and fuck her hard

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