You guys should advocate for the legalization of prostitutio

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Hey guys,
I’m originally from a catholic society where prostitution is not stigmatize, not only that but it is highly regulated and safe. Most men and women do not look down on those who use prostitutes. I think it is a healthy outlet. On the other hand, just like in my society not every women is cut out to be a prostitute, I don’t think every man is cut out to be a player or pua, it’s a very time consuming endevour. It’s a bunch of thoughts you should ponder upon.

Never forget this quote, “Let them live up to their own ideals.” Jews have destabilizes white society since they know you guys would rather become incel than recur to prostitues. Since according to K-mac the worth of a white male is closely linked to their ability to have romantic relationships with women. While most other men in the world simply do not care about women they simply use them for sex and move on.

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Life is a whore, just pay your dues and fuck her hard

i agree with op its the only way for him to not starve to death the moment his mom get behind bars cause hes an unemployed incel in the basement if you catch my drift

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