What "no one is entitled to anything" really implies.

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When you have a girl who is rich, spoiled, beautiful, and then an ugly guy complains about being rejected she replies with "NO ONE IS ENTITLED TO SHIT, STOP THINKING THAT IT'S RIGHT THAT YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT IT". ... fucking lol.
That's easy for someone who has been given a lot to say, even though in their private moments of existence THEY probably want to be entitled. And they can probably do it because if they are have it all stacies, they can get what they want.
Basically it's a stance used to let the powerful get away with entitlement, low key. And to let the weak not have the same permissions they grant themselves, because they feel they're inferior and have lesser resources.

you are not entitled/allowed to do/have x do you understand that

You are not entitled to anything, only Chad is.
"The world is just fine the way it is. You're the problem. Not us."

Dissection time.

Women will get offended if a sub-8 male thinks he is entitled to casual sex.

If a sub-8 male says "wanna bang" women will get mad.

Having casual sex from a sub-8 male is degrading to women because women will feel that no sub-8 male is willing to be in a serious relationship with them.
It's degrading because of an implication many of them will not fully understand, but most will feel. That because a sub 8 guy wants to fuck, and not to really invest then it seems like she's not worth his 100%. Women want to feel that men are willing to betaknight for her. That's the thing. The very fact women love to see cucks for her implies that they want a hierarchy of mankind, and do not see people as equal. Because they only feel pleased when they are a higher life form amongst lower thirsty lifeforms.

Sub-8 males could only ask women to date, not to have casual sex, or else women could get offended.
Yes because they want men to feel like they're getting the time of their life. They want men to feel like they are the ones who are willing to go over their 100% investment to keep the girl, where the girl only gives 100% if he's lucky. Where the guy is the qualifier, and the girl is the callously catered one. Women all want to be the callously catered one, and then get the guy who has the most distinct value. The female bio-programmed desire is extremely narcissistic.

That's why I laugh when women are so DESPERATELY desiring of luxuriance, and it's try hard. yet they pose themselves as if they get it frequently. A lot of guys aren't willing to go over 100% for her investment, so why in the fuck should she feel she's above and desired amongst so many people? Why should she act privileged to selection when they don't even have a big choosing-pool? Have as choosy of a character as elite as what would benefit you. If you need society to have humility to tolerate you, then have it. If you have society's elite criticism take favor in you then be elite.

That's why sexual harsassment is viewed by feminists as male privilege. They do not want sub-8 males to feel that they have the privilege of casual sex.
Casual sex isn't sexual harassment. But yes they don't want who they feel as undeserving from their primal sense of judgment to have anything of value in their life.

That is why women get mad only when a sub-8 male calls a woman a slut. Chads are assumed to be nonjudgmental and are they are assumed to be "in the know" that all women are sluts anyway and that slutting it up with Chads is just a phase that women go through when they are single between boyfriends.
Yes, there is a halo effect assumed by chads who they predict have been top dog and thus get the right contexts in what they call. Something absurd from an incel can be charming and amusing to a girl if he's chad. Though it could be just their hypergamic primal neurocircuitry rewiring itself to gain the most power. Hypergamic judgment-adaption, HJA, is something making halo effect the most vital thing in all attraction. Makes us all entirely materialistic. Nothing is set in a girl above hypergamy, power hungry genetic harvesting, and self elevation on all hierarchies the primality/ selfish nature of mankind prioritizes.

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