this zyros thread pierced my soul tbh...ngl

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lurking i found this...i wish i never clicked beause it put me into melancholy, or rather it reminded me of the absolute fucking pathetic state i live in and have been living for almost a decade. i hate being reminded of the fucking pointlessness of it all

Lots of people see this as a complaint about lack of a significant other.

But I saw something much darker on this phrase: "coming from work to an empty home"->you are so fucking enslaved you only know work and home, and also are completely isolated from friends aswell. Wagecucking is one of the most miserable forms of existence, when a combination of schedule, distance and work turns you into a slave that dedicates the vast majority of waking hours to work, without having time for anything more, to the point that you only live at work and at home.

Its a really sad blackpill, this complete and miserable lack of freedom that people view as normal.
The problem is not coming home from work to an empty home. the problem is that having a girlfriend waiting for you in home is everything you have to look forward to because your work doesn't allow you enough time to do anything else than to go home to recover for the next day.

i think it was the setting too. i read the on a fucking PACKED TRAIN after work miseable hour. looked up, loked around. everybody fucking DEAD.

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